Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Loafing on the net....

While waiting for a file, I loaf on internet…It’s very pleasant, I hop from site to site. Some blogs, I read nearly everyday. If I had to make a list of them, right now, it would take hours. Still, I want to list them one day in order to share them with you.
When I have time to waste seated at my computer, I love consulting sites about etymology. For instance, I love the word “april” because it rhymes with frail or febrile. I always thought it would make a lovely name for a girl. This afternoon, I learnt that “april” comes from the Latin word “aphrilis” which means “foam”, out of which Venus/Aphrodite was created. Isn’t it nice?
I also discovered, at random, the very beautiful project of Kelli Donley which moved me a lot (cf her site titled Calculated Acts of Kindness. Basically, the idea is to stop five minutes pondering on our own problems and to plan little acts of kindness towards the people we love and strangers, even if it doesn’t pay back and getting a maximum of people involved in this project. Kelli works in international health and manages and develops health projects for the poor. I like her idea very much and sent her an email to tell her. I was really pleased to get an answer from her on the same day….Internet is great sometimes….

Monday, April 23, 2007

Adieu Jean-Marie !

For me, the very good news of this first round presidential vote is Jean-Marie Le Pen leaving the French political scene after getting a vote of 10,58%. Ironically enough, his ideas have already been taken up by right wing Nicolas Sarkozy whose main priority, once elected and if elected will be to create a Ministry for Immigration and National Identity. I wonder what it means concretely. I also wonder whether Nicolas Sarkozy shouldn’t have been a boxer. He’s got so much energy to spend. He would do anything to win. On his program’s website, he promises an “irreproachable democracy”. Nicolas Sarkozy keeps promising a lot of things…He promised in 2004 that GDF (Gaz de France) would never be privatized. He had also promised security in the suburban housing estates and then suppressed the local police stations, in order to clean the suburbs with a “power hose” (like he said) I suppose ?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Let's vote !

This is another grey Sunday. Incredible but true…It’s been nearly one month now of dull, rainy weather. This morning, I make an effort to get up reasonably early, have my breakfast and put some clothes on, very quickly. I take the 11am bus to go to Granada. I am going to vote at the Maison de France. It is the first round of French presidential elections. Granada is fun on Sunday mornings, lots of people strolling. The Granadinos are having their “café con leche” or going to mass in their nice Sunday clothes. There is a book market on plaza Fuente de las Batallas. I buy a gallery catalogue of Catalan painter Grau Sala for 1€. At 12h30 am, I have already voted. Once at home, I connect myself to the French newspaper “Libération” website and learn that at 12h am, the participation rate already reached 31,21%, (source : Ministry of the Interior) which is quite an increase compared to last elections in 2002. By the time I send this note, it’s nearly 8 pm and I am very impatient to know the results…

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Spring for sure….

It is still cold and windy but the almond trees proudly display their white and pink blossoms.
Days are longer. Toby the white Persian cat from the nearby pet shop is in a good mood.
In a month or so, the women in the village will apply a fresh new coat of whitewash on the walls
of their house. In little villages, there is still a man who drives around and stops at every corner,
just like the bread man or the fisherman. He blows the horn and shouts : “Niña vamos a la
cal” (Come on girl, get some whitewash).
I have a tender thought for my summer dresses all piled up in a big trunk. They so want to be
touched and see the sunlight. Be patient my little ones, spring will turn into summer soon....
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