Sunday, May 13, 2007

I'm in a rush...

I’m in a rush since last Monday…

I have about 140 pages to translate for the World Bank on their country assistance strategy towards Senegal and as usual deadline is asap.

I'm learning a lot but it leaves me very little time to blog. Still, I'll send a post tomorrow just to talk about the week end...

ps : this photo and the one of the last post were taken in Granada

Monday, May 7, 2007

Quick I need a coffee to wake up...

Oh it's hard to get in gear this morning...I've got some kind of a hangover.

I have two pages to translate quickly about violence and crime in Jamaica but it's not because of this I'm sad.

It's because of the results of the elections in France.

So, let’s celebrate the new France and its upcoming diehard liberalism….along with “work, family, country”, and of course….”la France aux Français” (France to French people).

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Week end - sunday

It’s hard for me to get up but today is the last round of presidential elections in France and I hurry to catch the 11am bus which goes to Granada.

I stop at the little philatelic market which takes place every Sunday near the main post office and end up buying two short manuscript letters dating from 1856. Amazing how elegant writing and signatures could be at that time.

I passed by the man with the cane in front of Zara window (photo 1). He’s got a very elegant bearing and I quite like his old-fashioned manner. People in Granada usually dress up on Sunday.

I also like the girl in black (photo 2). I stopped her because of the red flowers.

Once I was done with my civic duty, I went to have lunch at the Botànico restaurant. I enjoyed eating on their sunny terrace (photo 3) and the food is good but it would be even nicer if the waiters would relax a little bit and smile.

On my way back home, I couldn’t help conforming to the typical Sunday tradition and went to buy cakes at Casa Ysla pastry shop (photo 4) where the waiters were overwhelmed...

Week end - saturday

This is the kind of week end I like…Saturday, flea market on the coast in Almuñecar. Lunch on the beach and strolling on the “paseo” (photo 1).

I stopped the cyclist to take his photo (2). I like the glasses and the “I’m a tough guy" look.

I smile to Monchéri (photo 3)…

…who lost his lighter as usual. (photo 4). It's a shame the photos are blurred, they appear so neat when I open them on my screen. oh well...

Saturday, May 5, 2007

I want a croissant....a real one!

That’s it, I’m having a fit of French attitude. Doughnuts are nice but this morning I felt like eating a nice croissant, crunchy on the outside and tender inside, golden and swollen. Impossible. We (the andalusian bakers and I) don't share the same concept of what a croissant should be like.

So I have to content myself with a bland, so-called croissant covered with sugar. Before Monchéri used to call on Sunday morning and asked whether he was to bring some croissants. Now, he eats them on his own. I know I'm fussy and ungrateful but a true nice croissant is so much better...!
However, there is some good news : the bakery-pastry shop Casa de Ysla, on Carerra del Genil in Granada sells very nice croissants, and also exquisite pastries elaborated with mousse flavoured with tea or pear. I took my French friend Patricia there to taste the croissants. She said :"Wouah..That's almost like it".
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