Vamos al campo...because it's romantic

My friend Gym called me up yesterday to meet up. She now lives in her little cortijo (a cortijo is a piece of land planted with fruit trees, on which you may build a house). I was so happy this morning at the prospect of giving her a visit but alas our Andalusian sunshine is now gone and the sky is no longer blue but sadly grey so I'd rather stay home at the moment and carry on with some work. Such whimsical weather we're having these days !

you might remember these pics from last year. I love Gym's little country romantic...

Happy May 1st !
and have a great week end!

pics : me


Elizabeth said…
Please may I come on a virtual visit there with you?
May is the time to be outside watching the world bloom.
Happy weekend.
You, too, have a great weekend. The photos are great and I loved that Spanish word when I was there last, 'cortijo'. We have it in Cuba but don't use it as much as in Spain.

Greetings from London.
How good of you to keep to your work, but I'm sure Gym is missing your company.

Well, maybe she manages to stay content in her pretty little house!
OMG, looks amazing. A weekend there would be hard to resist even in sub-par weather...although I can see how if it were really cold it might be rather uncomfortable.

I really enjoy your blog and envy you your lovely environment and lifestyle!
Diana said…
I love that house!
Anonymous said…
You made me sigh again, when I saw the pictures. Thank you for sharing a bit of beauty with us, and have a great weekend too.

Warmest regards from Chad,
Very romantic indeed.
Dakota Bear said…
Happy May Day too you.

Have a great weekend.
It's just a magical little house!

I feel better just knowing it exists.

Indyeah said…
Beautiful pics.. Lala as always :)
have a great weekend:)
a romantic one ;)
Makes me want to have a country house. That would be a nice place to relax!
Mélanie said…
J'adore sa petite maison . trouves tu du muguet en Andalousie ?
Cynthia said…
Lala Ema, I love this cozy house! What type of trees does G grow? A romantic life indeed. May the sun soon shine and you drive out to see your friend. <3
kendalee said…
Oh yes! So lovely... I could happily retreat there. Hope you have a great weekend too Lala! :)
Delphine said…
What a pretty home! How lovely being so closely linked to nature. A belated Happy May day to you all!
Bonbon Oiseau said…
so romantic! my dream house!
Susana said…
Beautiful house!!! I hope that once we build ours, we can make it as nice as Gym's!
A treasure of a house! I hope you have some sun this weekend so you can have one of your beautiful, relaxing, delicious Andalusian weekends!
pranksygang said…
that place is so lovely....
and it looks a bit like my place..

my village used to be more like this...
Gillian said…
Oh I love her house. So cosy and welcoming!
What a charming little place! And I thought it was cute that you called the weather whimsical!!
Delphine said…
Hi! I am back again, Lala I have just tagged you, have a look at my post today, hope you don't mind, have fun it is an easy one!
dutchbaby said…
Charming, elegant, inviting! I bet you miss your friend.
M said…
That house is beautiful....!

As for the bullfighting I hate the thing in itself. I do admit there is elegance in the movements they do, it is nearly a choreography...but as you said....please leave the bull out of it.
harlequinpan said…
Lovely country house !!
SE'LAH... said…
I am on the next plane...ok, I'd like to be but I have to work. Thanks for the relaxing getaway.

I'll be back soon.

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