Summer treats.....and the slowness of time

Summer is really my time, my tempo....everything is slowing down here. I especially enjoy the quietness at lunch time around 2 o'clock. It seems everyone in the village is shut in the house, with the shutters down. Andalusians do not like the sun too much. They prefer to stay in the shade, al fresco as they say. I love to spend long hours, basking in the sun. I know my skin might reproach it to me one day but it's my way of relaxing and daydreaming. The heat is my excuse for not doing too much, just the elementary things such as work and cooking. These days I've been making gazpacho a lot and my favorite refreshing cake with orange and almonds. I posted these pics in a former post, hopefully the widget link thing will link to the posts which give you both recipes. You see, I'm sending this post from a cyber cafe, we're having internet problems in half of the village. So I thought I would at least come here and wave you a sunny buenas dias ! with summer treats.
I do hope to be back soon....hasta luego for now, the cyber cafe is about to close, it's 2 o'clock and the streets are already empty. Time for lunch then siesta.....There is definitely something good about Andalusian summer...

edit to post : the technician came and is fixing the problem so hopefully normal connection can be expected this week end. In the meantime, do try to concoct some fresh gazpacho for you and your loved ones, you can find the recipe here. As for the orange cake, sweet blogging friend Sara already tried it and loved it. I promise you, its texture and moisture are divine, find the recipe below and have a wonderful week end !!

Orange and almond cake

You need:

2 medium oranges
1 lemon
6 eggs
150 g of almond powder (sorry i couldn't figure what it would be in cups)
200 g of caster sugar (plain white sugar)
40 g of caster sugar
1tsp of baking powder

boil the oranges until cooked

process them with a mixer then pour the mixture in a big bowl.

add the eggs one by one in the orange mixture

in another medium bowl, mix 200g of caster sugar with the almond powder and 1 tsp of baking powder

preheat the oven at 200ºC

pour the sugar and almond mixture into the big bowl and all the ingredients together homogeneously

pour the preparation in a 22cm diameter mold covered with tin foil

bake for 1 hour approx until lightly golden brown

in the mean time, prepare a lemon syrup with 40g of caster sugar and the juice of a lemon.

put it to a simmer until it thickens

pour the syrup over the cake when it's cooked

That's it ! just let it cool then put it in the fridge. This cake is delicious served cold. you can keep it up to 2/3 days in the fridge.


Yoli said…
I miss siestas, not because I ever slept but because it was a time to relax for me. I wish I were there, life seems so much kinder to the human soul.
Cynthia said…
Refreshing soup, Lala Ema, but no recipes here...I guess I have to dust off the cookbooks and my summer laziness to make a little gazpacho. I will dine al fresco (outside but out of the sun)as I find her/him too bossy this summer!
I may even eat indoors, in the cool room, and watch a series...maybe I'll just make a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich...yes, and open a book, go back to bed...oh dear the LAZY LAX days of summer are here!! <3
pranksygang said…
it looks yummy!!!! :)
Maya said…
Love the gazpacho idea..., since I'm looking for some vegi dishes without cheese..., and I've actually never made this (and I'm a vegetarian, go figure!).
Mélanie said…
J'adire servir du gaspacho en entrée, c'est tellement rafraichissant.J'espère qu'internet va être rétabli rapidement , on attend tes prochaines aventures
A très bientot
I wish this was my lunch today! It looks refreshing and delicious. Especially your cake which reminds me of the Greek almond cake soaked in honey syrup - Rivani. I was just thinking of you...I was outside drinking coffee and forgot my abonico!
Catherine xx
Sara said…
I can confirm that your orange cake is very excellent for hot summer days! It was fun making it last year and even more fun eating it.

Enjoy your drowsy summer afternoon.
Anonymous said…
This sounds and looks absolutely wonderful.
ParisBreakfasts said…
Now I have to go rustle up some Gazpacho!!!
Oh YUM!!!
DolceDreams said…
It sounds so relaxing...I loved taking siestas back before my boys stopped needing it is go go go all day long! Your gazpacho looks delicious, I have to check your widget to see if you gave the recipe!
I just love your photographs
Many thanks for the photos and the recipe. I love those lazy Andalusian afternoons. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.
Tessa said…
Oh, oh, oh - your blog makes me SWOON with delight. It is indeed a castle….. of dreamy delights, filled with the most sensuous images and delectable culinary pleasures. There is fascinating commentary on film, on travel, on people, places and poetry. Your sublimely beautiful art is breathtaking and the beauty of all that surrounds you there in that Andalucían village is a veritable feast for the senses. I could spend the entire day wondering from one post to the other and back again…and again. I’m bewitched!
donna baker said…
Such an exotic locale. The cake looks simple, beautiful and tasty.
Anonymous said…
Yummyy!! Lala! *drooling* is what I am doing right now!
that cake?
will try the recipe today:))))
Christina said…
Yum! It looks so good!
pve design said…
When my daughter was a wee one, I had a lovely lady who provided care for her a few hours a week and I shall never forget her saying - "No siesta, no fiesta"
I think that is one very good reason for a nap never going out of style! A girl needs her energy to prepare for a fiesta! (at any age!)
Lovely things here...I shall be back for more.
Thanks for visiting me and my blog.
pve design
SE'LAH... said…
I'm so trying this cake recipe. I imagine the sweet tartness...yum.
dutchbaby said…
Yummy, yummy, mmmm. I love how you make your food so beautiful in a relaxed organic way without too much fussiness yet with attention to detail. I'm sure your recipes are delicious!
vicki archer said…
These two recipes look superb - shall be saving them. I love the way you have decorated the cake with almond flowers - so pretty. xv
rochambeau said…
Hi friend,
Hope your connection comes back soon.
In the meantime, enjoy! Your recipes sound great, esp. the orange almond cake. Always my mother takes a siesta. I admire you both since I can't!

Simply Mel said…
I can't wait to make the gazpacho and orange almond cake! In Arcos, I ate gazpacho every day and couldn't get enough of it! The siesta tradition is something we will adopt and carry home with us...

We depart Madrid tomorrow and head home to San Francisco. It has been a delightful trip!
Susana said…
Oh my God Lala! I LOVE gazpacho! I have decided that's the first thing we are gonna have when we go back to Spain in August!!!
Looks very tempting - the gazpacho and the orange almond cake. If only I could lift them from the pics and have them!! YUM !
Relyn said…
I too love the slower pace of summer. There seems to be more time. Maybe because the light last longer, maybe because everyone is wearing less - less clothes, less jewelry, less makeup, simpler hair. I dunno, but I do love it.

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