Friday, July 23, 2010

Lisbon my love

Very early in the morning we will leave to Lisbon, the beautiful city sung by its poet Fernando Pessoa.

Lisbon for me is a crossroad of cultures. It keeps inspiring me. Always.

Its skies, its moods, its natural gaiety, its nonchalance and taste of sweet nostalgia
are all dear to me

I've just ironed my favorite African dress, blue and white like the summer light in Lisbon

See you soon by the end of next week, my lovelies and dear readers !

pics : first row : Google

second row : me

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Seize the day

The roof terrace is tiny but man, does it take time to organize it.
Either we're busy with other things, either it's too hot up there to bring it to life.
This evening at last, Monchéri put a sofa-bed which I covered with a pale green fabric. I'm still looking for an old trunk to use as a coffee table.

And we still have to build a little pergola up there. I'm making small mirrors with driftwood (well I'm trying to).
Little by little, we'll make a cozy nest.

But just for now, I placed some beach mats on the tiled floor and threw a couple of Moroccan cushions for us to sit
and enjoy a pink Martini on the rocks with the leftovers of a taboulé salad.

Summer is too short not to seize the day !

ps :
my vision of the roof terrace is : straw mats on the floor, no table, poufs, white veils with yellow and turquoise small tassels, small mirrors with driftwood, a little pergola with a canopy of palm tree leaves over the sofa bed, low Moroccan tray-tables and a general palette of pink, orange and turquoise and pale green.....
this is all I think....Wish me Bon courage because as you can see, I still have way to go!

pics : me this evening

Monday, July 19, 2010

The shoe repairer in my village

This is the little shop in the village where I take my tired shoes whenever they need a bit of pampering or new fresh heels.
I love going there. Its owner is an elderly man who talks sweetly to his customers.

This tiny shop is next to the fishmonger's. Most of its customers are women. They sit on the moleskin benches and happily chat away just as if they were in their own living room.
The owner and his wife don't mind really.
They're smiling and easy going just like most people here.
Me I like this shop because it's a place where time stands still.
It's so unpretentious, I find it quite refreshing in a way.
The owner told me, it hasn't changed since it opened in 1969. He and his wife try to keep up with fashion but it doesn't really matter to them.
They sell mostly sneakers, slippers and sandals.
I could see most of models are made in China.
But luckily they still sell the traditional cord Spanish flat slippers.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy birthday Christina !!

Today dearest blogging friend Christina is having a blog birthday party. If you don't know Christina yet, I invite you to meet her on her blog Soul Aperture. And surely, like me, you will love her and want to read more of her. This morning, I was trying to find out how long ago did our paths crossed in blogland. Oh it's been long ago ! Little by little, we became friends across the ocean. To say she's a beautiful person is a bit short or too easy. Christina's voice is unique. It's no cheap talk. It's all about feelings. It's about life. Real life. Her words ring true and I'm so sure her readers all want to give her a big hug after reading her posts and thank her just for being her!

So here's to you my sweet Christina, in honor of your birthday and your series of simple things which you happily celebrated on your magical blog....

If you were here, I would love to share some of my simple things with you.

This morning I would give you a colorful breakfast...(yes, we'll have some jamon serrano too!)
Before noon, we would head to the market in the village, walking through the narrow streets.

We would have lunch on a simple table, happily chatting and listening to the sounds of nature
Naturally, after lunch we would have a siesta in the shade
And we would spend the evening in harmony with nature, sipping refreshing cocktails and nibbling on cakes...of course...of course
Happy birthday Christina !!
and I wish you all a wonderful week end !!

ps : dear blogging friend Se'lah who's always doing a super job at connecting people organized this surprise simple things birthday celebration for Christina. She gathered Christina's friends to participate to the event. To see the list of friends participating, go here and enjoy the simple things !

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lost in my tapestry

It's always a joy for me to receive emails from my readers. A few days ago, Erica who is a young tapestry student and just started a blog about her work asked me more details about my recently found tapestry at Salobreña fleamarket. Did I know its history, where was it made ? Alas I can't say because the seller herself couldn't provide much information. She assured me though that she had it expertised and said it was quite ancient.

Dating back from the XVIIth century, she said....Which seriously, I found it hard to believe as I paid (only) 100€ for it. I'm not a tapestry expert but don't you think an old tapestry should be worth more ?

Anyway, like I said before I loved it at first sight and on the moment, its being old or not wasn't that important.
No, at that moment, I was tortured at the idea of spending more money than I had allowed myself. I had left home with the strong determination of spending up to 70€ grand maximum and typical....This strong determination vanished as soon as I saw my tapestry.
You see, it makes me dream...I watch it and dream of being somewhere between Marrakech and Fes. Its ochre colours transport me to a caravan in the desert. Now that it's impossibly hot outside, I have my siestas here in on the sofa (sorry to speak about siestas all the time!) and before I close my eyes, I relish on its details, the crenellated wall, the palm tree on the left. I count the number of characters in it. I imagine a very soft breeze makes the tree leaves quiver....
My new find also inspired me to give an oriental touch to the living room. I think it goes well with my water carrier woman collages. I added some classical Moroccan poufs too.
The seller of the tapestry gave me this leather document holder which I love. It is from the 50s and was made as an advertising travel item.

My mind is in a caravan in the desert but I don't forget that today is July 14th...Bastille Day

So I wish a very happy 14 juillet to all my French and francophile friends !!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Siesta and watermelon

If I'd really let myself go, this is just about
what I would do this monday after having celebrated
Spain's victory last night for the World Cup....

Eating fresh watermelon and indulging in a long long siesta!

Happy start of the week to you !

Saturday, July 10, 2010


My sister's last email made me laugh. She asked me if we could sleep at all with the World Cup. The truth is since Spain made it to the semi finale and won the match vs Germany last week, things are now getting very serious. So serious, that even me, with my poor knowledge and limited interest in football, feel nervous about the match tomorrow Spain vs. Holland. In the village, kids wear the colors of the Spanish team. People in their car, blow the horn for any reason. Spanish flags hang from balconies as a sign of support to the national team. People are happy. There is joy and excitement in the air and all this is due I think it's a bit pathetic but well I've decided to be bon sportif and go with the flow. We were planning to go to a concert tomorrow evening but instead we're going to our friend Laurent's pancake place where he set up a giant screen to see the match. If I feel bold enough, I'll wear my red hot pants just to show I can be a good supporter ! And I'll stick to my favorite summer drink, the tinto de verano, (summer wine) a mixture of lemonade and red wine. At the beginning, the French in me found it quite bizarre to mix a good red wine with fizzy lemonade but in the end, it was surprisingly refreshing. This is all you need to prepare it : red wine, fizzy lemonade, lemon slices, ice cubes. Generally, it's half wine, half lemonade but it all depends on your personal preference. Me, I like it with plenty of ice cubes and thick lemon slices. Cheers !

Have a fabulous week end!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

In a romantic mood...

Yes dreamy and romantic...this is how I feel these days...and all the more since this morning a beautiful handwritten letter was waiting for me in the letterbox. It is the second manuscript letter I bought from dear blogger friend Mélanie (Le petit cabinet de curiosités). This one is addressed to Monsieur Le Vicomte and speaks of dinners and social gatherings. The hand writing is fluid and elegant. Mélanie is very sweet because she again added another letter to it as a gift. A very cute pink letter from a young girl to one of her friends in a boarding school.
Slowly but surely I'm developing a healthy addiction to handwritten letters from the past. So I made a box to keep them. One of them was still laying nonchalantly on my desk but imagine a can of soda gets spilled on it accidently...oh that would be terrible....

I wrote Lettres d'antan (letters from the past) on the cover

Reçois chère amie les meilleurs voeux de bonne amitié.
Ton amie qui t'aime et qui t'embrasse

Dear friend, please receive all my best wishes and assurance of friendship
You friend who loves you and gives you a kiss

Isn't that cute ?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Rainy fleamarket in Salobreña

Our Andalusian summer is being whimsical, it was hot on friday, rainy on saturday and hot again on sunday. On the first saturday of every month, there is now a fleamarket in Salobreña on the coast which according to my friend Gym is getting better and better. So I couldn't wait to go and see. The rain didn't stop me but of course when I got there a bit before 11, all the sellers were folding their stand because of the weather.
I was looking for an old trunk to use as a coffee table on the roof terrace and instead I found this.....It was love at first sight ! A tapestry which the seller assured me to be very very old, which I was a bit doubtful about. But old or not old, it doesn't matter, I love the scene which is represented and the atmosphere.
So in spite of the grey weather, yes it was a great least for me, because I was so pleased with this find...
And of course, we had to celebrate with an espeto de sardinas at bar restaurant El Peñon. Sardines and octopus are grilled on wooden sticks in the open air by un muchacho muy simpatico.
Well we couldn't really stay outside because the wind played too much with our hair and the table cloth
Grilled sardines + tinto de verano, (the summer Spanish drink par excellence prepared with fizzy lemonade and red wine) , for me that's the best combo !
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