Conversation on the bus coming from Granada

There is a sign above the driver's seat saying prohibido hablar al conductor (it is forbidden to speak to the driver) but well this is Andalucia and sometimes - if not most of times - rules are happily transgressed. This is Antonio above who apparently is very appreciated by the usual passengers for his....lively conversation

This is what I overheard the other day

the man seated behind me

Antonio ! Quien torea mañana?
(whos' bullfighting tomorrow?) (it is the feria right now in Granada and a lot of bullfightings are programmed)


Ah..pues no lo sé soy mucho de corridas...a mi me gusta mas los caballos !
(oh well I don't know...I'm not very much interested into corridas....I like horses better!)

(me thinking : Gosh me too...I much prefer horses)

and then an animated conversation started between the woman seated opposite me, the woman behind me, the man seated behind me and Antonio about bullfighter Aparicio who suffered from terrible injuries during his last bullfighting in Madrid last month. I've decided not to post a picture of his accident because it will be too shocking for you, my dear readers. I myself couldn't look at it. During one his pasos, Aparicio lost his balance and the bull took advantage to stick its horn into the bullfighter's throat very very deeply, until it came out his mouth.... Ouch....ouch...well after all, you'll tell me these are the risks of the trade.
You already know where I stand regarding bullfighting. I'm firmly against it. I don't want to hear anything about its underlying philosophy of fighting one's own fear...sorry but I feel it's totally bull.shit (please pardon my English)....So here's to you Antonio.... let's keep the bulls at peace !


Gina said…
Dear Lala, my sentiments exactly. I do, however, love hearing about the lively discussions amongst passengers and driver.
somepinkflowers said…
against it, too...



when i came back from Spain
2 springs ago
everyone was all this--->

''''did you go to a bull*fight?
did you go to a bull*fight?''''

with so many WonderFilled things
to see in Spain,

it is a crying shame
so many
Americans can only
conjure up
the possibility of a bull*fight!

good grief!
I so enjoy your insights into living in Granada!!! I could just picture the multiple conversation taking place around you, with each person's passion on presenting their point of view!!! :)
No bullfighting, ever. But the bus ride looks like fun. You are always thinking of interesting of things to share with us. Thank you for your kind comments for my dad......he is coming along. Much love and have a wonderful weekend. XO
aguja said…
Fantastic picture of your fellow passengers. I can see them there, being so very Spanish. Thank you for sharing!
Diana said…
I completely agree, bull fighting is barbarous. What a great story!
Susana said…
I saw the shocking photo of the cogida that you mention... it was awful. But what nobody mentioned is the look of pain and suffering of that bull when he attacked the torero... the bull's face was deformed because of its stress and pain, it was bleeding heavily because of the wounds caused by the estocadas... it was very sad to see, but nobody worried about the bull, only about the torero who provoked the bull to attack, only to protect itself from this brutal "tradition" (as they call it here in Spain). Bullfighting and all celebrations that involve cruelty to bulls and other animals (and there are many in Spain, as you know) make me ASHAMED of being Spanish.
Bull fighting is very brutual hobby. Am not for it, but many enjoy it. I so agree with Susana!
Hope you are well, sweetie;-)
Linda Sue said…
Bull fighting, cock fighting, dog fighting- pitting bear against a loosing battle for it's life...cruel all of it so cruel.
Elisa, Croatia said…
I enjoy the conversation amongst the passengers. I love animals. One of the reasons I'm vegetarian. I can't bear the though of animal cruelty. I'm with you Lala. I love horses and very against horse racing as well..because we all know what happens to horses after an injury....
Joyful said…
Sounds like quite the animated conversations on the bus there! Here people don't talk much on the bus and especially to the driver. Same on the planes though for me when I get on the plane I always have a least a little friendly chat with my neighbour. If they are interesting and they find me likewise, we can end up chatting for the whole trip. That is usually fun ;-)
Ily said…
I think bullfighting would be anxiety. I don't even want to know when it will happen or who's fighting...although I love your country, which was my great grandparent's country (and in a way, mine).

Much love...and may you enjoy all your future bus rides!

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