Good morning September......

Farewell my beautiful summer and hello september !
Summer, I miss you already but we can't keep you forever, can we ?

Adieu mon bel été et bonjour septembre !
Tu me manques déjà, l'été mais on ne peut pas te garder pour toujours, n'est-ce pas ?

I took these pics yesterday on my way to visit some friends. I stopped at the bodega Señioro de Nevada just to see how the grapes are growing. How I love these vineyards !...And the palm trees transport me to a further south. I could have stayed all afternoon really. There are also a café and a restaurant on the premises which I must try and show you one day.

It's funny how every year, we just don't expect summer to be over. Are you too a bit nostalgic that summer is ending or rather excited at the thought of entering the season of the months in R ? That said, I'm very happy to resume the blog and meet you again, my dear friends. Thank you for not having forgotten me ! And hasta mañana !

J'ai pris ces photos hier en chemin pour aller visiter des amis. Je me suis arrêtée à la bodega Señioro de Nevada juste histoire de voir le raisin pousser. Que c'est beau ces vignobles ! J'aurais pu y passer tout l'après-midi. Et puis j'aime les palmiers qui me transportent encore plus au sud. Il y a un café et un restaurant sur place qu'il faudrait que j'essaie un jour pour vous les montrer.

C'est drôle comme chaque année, on ne s'attend pas à ce que l'été finisse. Êtes-vous aussi nostalgique parce que l'été touche à sa fin ou plutôt tout guilleret à l'idée d'entamer la saison des mois en R ? Ceci dit, je suis très contente de reprendre le blog et de vous re trouver mes chers amis. Merci de ne pas m'avoir oublié ! Et hasta mañana !

pics : me


Loui♥ said…
Love the post!
the photos transport me back to an earlier time in my life when I lived in Rota,Spain.
Come September, the plump grapes were ready to be harvested..
and the Vendemia festivals would begin..
fortunately I was luckily invited..
what fun work!
what delicious food afterwards..
thanks for the sweet memories..
Here in the UK we are lucky to have a summer.. :-( it looks like it is over for us too... even though it might never of started .. YOu have such fantastic festivals in Europe, very very lucky to live there :-)
aguja said…
The end of summer is always a surprise in Spain and just this morning I said it to my husband. The photographs are beautiful, serene.
I am off to Ireland next week, where it will be quite cold and amazingly green. I shall take photos.
Summer is over, but you've things are looking up. I've missed my weekends in Andalucia. Hope you're both well. Hurrah for autumn! (Not quite, but I'm optimistic that it will bring change.)
Catherine xx
Linda Sue said…
So glad to see you! Summer never arrived here so It has been like one very long wet cold spring. Summer side stepped us.
The grapes look pretty pleased with themselves- all plump and full of colour!
How lovely to have lovely lala back. What do you is september already? That should tell you right there how lazy and relaxing my summer has been. I am not looking forward to moving my summer outdoor office back inside, I definately live in the wrong part of the world. Enjoy the weekend. XO
Francesca Muir said…
Hi LaLa - Just new to blogging and just found your blog-Fabulous thank you! For us in Australia it's goodbye winter and Hello Spring - glorious balmy days.
I have added you to my Blog list - hope you don't mind.

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