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I come back for Christmas

  *** It's been a while, it's been ages. And after a quiet and peaceful Christmas in the times of coronavirus, I felt like coming back to the blog. May be, I wanted to hold on to the festive spirit longer, although, this year, the word "festive" might be a bit excessive. Yet, as usual, I decorated our cozy Andalusian kitchen with bright oranges and this year, made a garland with red chili pepper and rinds of oven dried pomelo. Our friend José Luis had brought us a carload of his delicious yellow pomelos from his garden and a few of them were sacrificed for the sake of garland making. *** Cela fait longtemps, des siècles en fait. Après un Noël calme et tranquille au temps du coronavirus, j'ai eu envie de revenir sur le blog. Peut-être pour garder un peu plus longtemps l'esprit de la fête, quoique l'expression est sûrement un peu excessive. Comme d'habitude, jai décoré notre jolie cuisine andalouse avec des oranges et cette année j'ai fait une guirla

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