The sweet life in Granada

Oh...what to do on a hot sunday,
too lazy to drive to the beach
too boring to stay at home, so we headed to
Mirador San Nicolas where guitar lovers
get together for the enjoyment of all

the air is still warm in the evening, we've been sitting
for a couple of hours at a terrace,
sipping refreshing smoothies

Monchéri doesn't want to move but I want
to take a picture of these charming guys

a woman spontaneously starts to dance

I'd love to join but I definitely feel too shy and too sticky!

on the other side of the square, a few men watch the scene

the San Nicolas church is next to the mosque which I never entered before

until yesterday....a young man opened the door
and told me I could have a look at the garden if I wanted to

naturally the mosque faces the Alhambra Moorish palaces.
The young man told me about a fiesta in the mosque on July 10th.
Oh...but please tell me more..Is it open to the public?
Well, give me your email he answered and I'll let you know.
How intriguing!

photos by your devoted blogging hostess


Mary-Laure said…
Fabulous pictures! I've always wanted to visit Granada, and your post made me even more eager. Spontaneous dance, music, a beautiful view, clear skies... such joy!
Everyone looks so at home in these pictures. A place where guitar lovers meet---I never imagined such a thing existed. And against that vista, no wonder the inspiration flows.

Oh, I love the photos of "Carmen" dancing...

You know Lala, all doors are opened to you, no wonder the gatekeeper let you into the garden. I'm glad he did....its a pretty fountain.

Life of music and smoothies in Espana!
willow said…
Breathtaking view behind the guitar guys! What a romantic way to spend a lazy summer afternoon...sigh.
tangobaby said…
Oh, my dream day. Thank you for the lovely tale...I'm like you, too shy to get up and dance like that but how I would have loved to just sit there and watch!
somepinkflowers said…
i am enchanted!

i would be dancing right next
to the girl,
smiling all the while.

and here is yet ANOTHER reason
to go back to spain!


keep this up
and i will be knocking
on your front door!


as if you would be home...
Kristen said…
Since seeing your blog, I have a desire to spain. It's not too far from us if I can just get back "home". I know just a bit of could be tricky. : )
Sara said…
How lovely...being allowed into the "secret" garden behind the walls...Granada is certainly beautiful and enchanting. And the spontaneous music and dancing in that charming spot with the great view.
l'air du temps said…
oh i love lazy summer afternoons. and it was so sweet that you were able to have a peek inside the mosque. religious spaces are so beautiful and quiet. and the garden with views of the alhambra... soooo nice.

when i see a small community of music makers and an unshy dancer, it reminds me of the wonderful gifts we all possess in our own way and how nice it is to share...

the sweet life in Granada indeed!
kyh said…
A church next to a mosque, now that's tolerance! Is the mosque a recent one or built in the past centuries?
kyh said…
lala, i've clarified for u some of your doubts in my blog. :)
karina said…
Que lugar por favor!!!!!
Annie said…
Interesting pictures and love the idea of guitars and dance. Thanks for sharing.
Gillian said…
Oh those olive trees~!!!
Did the young man email you? :)
Mélanie said…
wonderful pictures ! Thank you for taking us with you
Anonymous said…
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BrittneyNicole said…
I lived here! I lived right near the University on Calle de las Caseras! I seriously saw these same people everyday--I feel like I could have taken your pictures! Enjoy the life. Enjoy the people. You will certainly learn a lot from them! Blessings!

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