Lace making in Granada

I met fascinating women last saturday in Granada. They came from various parts of Spain to celebrate the art of lace making. They gathered on paseo de Salon for the 4th National Encounter of lace makers. I was so thrilled to see them seated at their tool which resembles a soft typewriter on which they pin thousands of needles. Oh my...what a work of love and patience !
This is the making lace tool and the wooden bobbins needed to hold the threads
Then you need a pattern
I love this lady's caplet !
Can you see how complicated it is ? In Spanish, we say bueno...eso es encaje de bolillos (this is like lace making) to say that something is really complex. Honestly even with the good will in the world I couldn't possibly produce 1 cm of lace...It does look terribly complicated. How not lose the thread?

And you know what I liked most ? They were women of all ages and it was a real pleasure to see old and young hands busy intertwining the delicate threads and continuing such a lovely tradition.

edit to post:
I just wanted to thank you for your comments...I'm so glad you enjoy these sneak peeks at this labour of love and patience...
I'm a bit behind commenting and visiting your blogs but I will definitely catch up with you tomorrow!


Loui♥ said…
muy BONITA!!!!
The technique is so fascinating... I'm sure like me many people "ohh and ahh" at the sight of lace, but have not really stopped to think of the intense labour and dedication it takes to create.

As always you bring us knowledge and wonderful images. Merci Mon Ami. I know due to your post I will be extra appreciative of lace and the wok behind it.

I hope you were able to purchase small pieces for yourself.

Cheers, HHL
HereBeDragons said…
MsSvelteNY said…
WOW. I'm so impressed. Thanks for posting.
dutchbaby said…
This is fantastic, Lala! I'm so happy to see that this art is still alive and well. Thank you for showing us these beautiful photographs of gorgeous, intricate lace and the handsome tools used to create them.
That looks amazingly difficult...and simple amazing! I admire the skill and concentration that lace making requires. Thanks for sharing, Lala. And thank for the visit and leaving a comment at Oasis!
Cynthia (Puerto Rico) xx
Gina said…
Dear Lala, your photographs are of such superior quality! My sister is a lacemaker (in fact she is sometimes asked to identify laces that have been donated to Museums). I am sending your post to her. She will be in Hog Heaven.
PK Studios said…
Talk about incredible patience! I suppose that's why it's becoming a lost art. Were there many young lace makers?
Patricia said…
Thank you so much for sharing these images with us. I love all of this beautiful handwork!
Sara said…
That is simply stunning. How did they ever manage to master that art? Amazing. And the lace is so beautiful, of course. I do love lace.
angel said…
With patience and such eye for detail, these women should be in charge of public spending.....
aguja said…
It is wonderful that you have celebrated lace makers in your blog. It really is such an art and so very complicated and fascinating to watch them working.
There is a lace making area in Valencia and there is a lace making day in my own area, held on the Paseo each year.
Caroline said…
Fascinating isn't it? I saw lacemakers in action when we visited Spain a few years ago. Love your photos they really show the intricacy of the work. A real labour of love!
Susana said…
It doesn't look complicated... it looks IMPOSSIBLE! They are so beautiful!
studioJudith said…
I'm dizzy just thinking about all those bobbins being tossed !
Love the collar on the lovely lady with her table ... .

Nice Pictures an Colours :)
To spend an afternoon with lace would be a joy. Beautiful.
Catherine xx
Oh, how decadent and lovely! You captured such warm colors around the black and white laces, as well. Were there any lace pieces for sale? I would have a hard time choosing a souvenir.

I hope young folks continue to want to learn to make lace. Fortunately, I think it must be a well-documented art with all those patterns available, so even centuries from now it may experience a renaissance.
Don said…
Beautiful photos...thanks for taking me there.
Linda Sue said…
So amazing, lace making. My friend does this and there are bobbins and string everywhere- looks like trying to sort out and organize the rainforest with a pin.
sinnlighet said…
My dear dear Lala,

Thanks you so much for your sincerely & nice comments on my Wabi & Sabi blog. I'm always so happy when I find them.

Your blog is a pearl & this post is so much Lala... very fascinating & your photographs is a'la RR (please help, you know me and my camera = catastrof).

At the moment I have a short blog break (as you know). Please don't forget me ;)

By the way, in my last post, I have a wonderful giveaway, a Turkish Kelim Pillow, I promise you'll love it. I hope you want to be my guest in the contest.

Love to You from Summer Sweden & Agneta

Ps. Yes I will tell you later about my webshop ;) Ds
donna baker said…
It is wonderful they are passing the art of lacemaking down to the younger ones so that it doesn't become a lost art.
Joyful said…
I did enjoy seeing this lovely handcraft. I've never seen how lace is made and it does look complicated indeed. I've always had a fond spot for lace of all kinds.
Ah, how fortunate you are to capture the intimate world of lace making in Spain. The romance of colours, textures and lace. I adore lace. I had a course on lace making whilst at boarding finishing school.

It's a very difficult skill to learn. Thank you for reminding us of this ancient tradition. XX
Mélanie A. said…
Merveilleux de voir que c'est un travail traditionnel qui perdure
Marilyn said…
I enjoyed my visit here today. Seeing the lace, the art, the market place, and your travels are all so beautiful.
Lau de Casalil said…
J'adore, je découvre et je reviendrais me perdre par ici plus souvent... en plus je viens visiter l'arrière pays andalou début Aout... bel augure, et a très vite!!!
Oh, this is so fantastic, I love lace, work with it and can never have enough at home, what a beautiful craft. Thanks for those gorgeous pictures. Love from London x
Kristin said…
This is so nice!!!

Kristin xx

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