No I haven't forgotten you !....

Dear blogging planet,

No I haven’t forgotten you ! I did come back from Paris which was surprisingly sunny and nearly colorful as claims this ad for an exhibition at the Hôtel de Ville showing color photos of Paris from 1907 till today. Luckily the entrance was free, alas the queue was much too long, time was scarce so I skipped it.

Since I came back, my blog kept nagging me, come on tell us what you did in France, how is your mum, did you manage to sell your designs, did you have enough the Eiffel tower still there ?

let me see..

Er…yes, it’s still there but I always saw it from afar and anyway like any ordinary Parisian I must confess I've been only twice to the Eiffel tower, first as a kid with my parents, then when an American friend came over to visit me. And it is actually quite nice to have tea at the Eiffel tower.

Is Paris still romantic ?

Of all means...

The reason for my so…extended silence is that since I came back, life suddenly became hectic

like Parisian traffic can be. I took these photos on the bus coming from Montparnasse and heading to the Louvre. See this blue sky? I was lucky Paris wasn’t spleen grey. I even found people quite nice even in the underground, which still has that funny indefinable smell though (mixture of urine and detergent).

And I’ve been running like this young woman whom I briefly shot on Pont des Arts.

As soon as I came back, the business partner started to send loads of work constantly which meant working also during week ends. One thing, Monchéri wasn't too happy about, also he slightly complained that whenever he called while I was in Paris, I sounded so distant and even thought I'd met some former lover! So of course, I reassured him and told him may be this is what Paris does to me when I haven't been there for a while. And I must say it's the very first time I didn't miss my little sunny Andalusian spot so much. (Mmm...I guess I'll have to analyze this one of these days). I also organized a tea party for a dear friend’s birthday between two translation jobs about securities and growth strategies (gosh, sometimes I wish this stuff I translate could give me some insight on how to get prosperous myself!).

This time, alas my mom had no shoes for me…well…can’t always be lucky, n’est-ce pas ? It was so nice to see her and my two sisters, and my nieces and one of my beau frère (brother in law) whom I meet only once or twice a year. Both my sisters live in France, Paris and Tours and my parents live in Orléans. They are now commuting between France and Madagascar where my father is busy building a house. So my mom is now gone to join him there. I actually never use the term "mom" when I talk to my mother or speak about her because she's got a funny nickname in French meaning "little froggy". Isn't it cute? I'm a little bit bad to disclose this, because "little froggy" doesn't know I have a blog and neither my sisters. I don’t know about you, but sometimes it can be very difficult to give your blog's address to your relatives or even some friends.

Anyway, “little froggy” was in great shape and she made all of us laugh to tears as she very unexpectedly got a bit drunk and insisted on trying on all the clothes she bought to go to the Big Red Island. (as you might have guessed, my mom is crazy about clothes). It was great to catch up with all the news, my younger sister is going to Madagascar in June with her little daughter and her boyfriend who just created his photography website. My elder sister still teaches biology in high school and finds it really trying at times. My niece, a lovely teenager plays rugby and told “little froggy” at dinner that the fashion at school was now to be bisexual. My sister smiled and said: “don’t worry mom, fashion comes and goes”.

My dad called twice while I was there. The first time, he asked me and my sisters which color we would like our bedroom to be. I thought it was so cute of him to think about that kind of detail. Alas, the second time he called was to say that a cyclone (Ivan) was nearing the island and he found himself with no electricity. Actually, he was going to put an anti-cyclonic roof that week. Luckily he was safe. I looked it up on internet when I got back home and read Ivan caused 44 deaths and some 140 000 persons have lost their home.

I will definitely post more about Paris tomorrow...Thank you so much for all your lovely messages !

ps: you know what? I think blogging is fantastic ! I missed it so much...


Sara said…
Hello Lala - welcome back! It's obvious your life has been a little hectic lately; I hope things slow down to a comfortable (but still profitable!) pace for you soon. I am glad you are back in the Land of Blog.
Anonymous said…
Glad to read that all is well. Busy but well. Enjoyed your photos!

Dave Wilkes said…
Glad to have you back, Lala. I've missed reading your blog
M.KATE said…
You are back!! love all the pictures and looking forward to vising again :)
Anonymous said…

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