My perfume is rich.... or how to avoid working on a monday

This morning, I told my business partner "Stop! hold those files...".
I need a few hours for myself...

After all, I've worked all week end.
Ok it was raining but still....

So today monday I just feel like being insufferably light and girly

and ponder about relatively important matters....


Since the age of 18, I'm in love with the same perfume
Shalimar by Guerlain

Actually I'm in love with nearly all the old Guerlain perfumes
and their names are so poetic

Vol de nuit (night flight)
Chant d'arômes (aroma song)
L'heure bleue (the blue hour)

I love the fact that they have been created
a long time ago, as early as 1912

I love the deep sensual touch
of vanilla in Shalimar

I like its meaning
"temple of love"
in sanskrit

But you see, since I moved to the south of Spain
Shalimar has become too rich, too powerful...

So I opted for its lighter delicate oriental sister
meaning "mystery"in Japanese

Did you notice how sadly empty these vials are ?

Oh yes I'm quite a perfume addict, still
there are days with and day without

with no reason

Happy monday to you
with or without perfume...

photos 1&2 by your devoted blogging hostess
photo 3 @


Relyn said…
What a lovely post. I'm so glad that I stopped by again this evening. I love perfume, too. I find the choices to be so inriguingly personal. I read a story once where an elderly man remembers his first love when he catches a whiff of her perfume, L'heure bleue. I think that's what all women hope their perfume does. Leaves a lingering, wistful memory behind.
M.KATE said…
dear lala, i've seen it in advertisement before many times but never seen in on our shelves here, so maybe i look for one when i travel. i can imagine it smelling very exotic and flowery, Yes, no? and i've got 2 awards for you, E for an excellent blog, and a bear..hopefully its a bear hug from me to you. sorry, i didnt do the linking in my blog as i wanted to give everyone..and its a very long list, happy week ahead :)
kyh said…
I love the first picture. Very... *bling*

Perfume does wonders yeah? Hv a happy Tuesday! :)
Lala, I love your post today. I am a perfume addict too! The House of Guerlain has many great scents; right now I am making my way through my latest favourite: "L'Instant". Have you tried it? Its a beautiful colour too; nice bottle.

Once in a while I apply L'heure bleu. It makes me think of Paris after the war, for some reason. The blue hour is an enchanted time, when you are inside and catch a glimpse through a window...all is blue outside. Maybe you are waiting for a man to arrive, so that the evening of enchantment can begin.

It's a feminine powdery scent. In the 1980's I wore Samsara from Guerlain. I once read somewhere, a woman said, that every time she wears Chanel No. 5, it makes her feel like she is on her way to a cocktail party; isn't that a lovely way to desribe it makes you feel.
Boucheron has some very good scents too. Jaipuir, and Trouble.
I hope your enjoy your time of frivolity; work can can wait.

CIELO said…
I love perfumes too, my mine is "
Eternity" by Calvin Klein, or "Happy", by Clinique, or... or....

Have you been mixing ingredients yet? Well you still have time to participate in our "Dessert Contest", sponsored by the house in the roses.... come and see, send in your photograph of some Spanish or French dessert (the best in the world).... you still have time.

audrey said…
i love it when i am walking on the street and someone passes by and leaves a trail of a beautiful scent. it is such a gift. it doesn't happen always, but when it does it is such a wonderful surprise...
Ms Dragonfly said…
i tend to keep empty bottles of my favorite perfumes, i can't seem to let go. my fav is tuscany by per donna!
Sara said…
Hello Lala - I like what you have done with your empty bottles! Beautiful. Yes, the golden one is quite romantic looking! Perfume is a wonderful invention....and I love the bottles that are designed to hold it.
rochambeau said…
Hi Lala,
What a beautiful post. I appreciate your relationship with perfume. When I smell a scent I love it puts me in heaven. I like natural scents even more than perfume. Citrus peel, nutmeg, vanilla and the scent of real flowers like tuberose the southern Magnolia (which reminds me of gardenia and with lemon). I love the smell of clean clothes and the smell many soaps and lotions. I still remember the first time I smelled mint and basil, I was three years old. Thinking about beautiful scents makes me happy. Thank you for this post.
Yoli said…
Lala, what a beautiful post. I too, am addicted to perfumes. Mine is Miss Dior. It is such an old fashioned beautiful smell. I am crazy about that perfume. I always have it. For a lighter scent, I am addicted to Penhaligan's Violet.
Lala, your post inspired me to go to the department store nearby my office....they have a Guerlain counter there, and I wanted to inhale the fragrance of Shalimar again after reading your post. I was delighted to see a new fragrance..."Eau de Shalimar"...the colours were crystal clear and dark blue; it is a lighter version of the scent, perfect for summer. I sprayed some on my throat, and it was lovely.
Jeannie said…
What a sweet gift to have found your blog on a favorite subject of mine, near and dear to my heart! I am a rabid perfumista, favoring Guerlain's mainly. I am currently awaiting a bottle of Chant d'Arome since I've fallen in love with the description and, of course, the name. I have both Mitsouko and L'Heure Bleue in edp form, and I treasure them!

I purchased several of Frederic Malle's this year which are most unique--Iris Poudre, L'eau d'Hiver, and En Passant. I have a modest income, so I need to space out my purchases!

Again, looking forward to reading more of your blog this weekend! JM
Anonymous said…

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