Being tagged on my 7 favorite songs

My lovelies, this is where I want to be : on a big fluffy white cloud under a supreme blue sky...Summer is definitely sulking. Yes...summer is very shy this year. It rained yesterday. It is a little bit windy, clouds go back and forth. It is not especially hot. Right this minute, I'm wearing my sheepskin slippers and an oversize purple Peruvian poncho, when I'm dreaming of chiffon dresses and beaded sandals. warming effects do you think? might be...
More and more, winters here are generously sunny and warm and summers are very long to come. Do you experience a similar thing in your part of the world?

But let's not digress. Sweet Vanessa from Stop to eat the roses tagged me on my 7 favorite songs. Actually, spring songs...So this is my choice:

1) Stormy weather. Not really a title for a spring song but i have a long love story with this song. I sang it at my sister's wedding (why for God's sake? at that time I though it was romantic). I have several versions which I listen to nearly every day. Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday, Joni Mitchell, Etta James - my favorite. I often pray God to please make me sing like Etta James but it's not happening...oh in the meantime, I just keep my voice and practice this song with Monchéri on the harmonica.

2) Love me or leave me by Nina Simone. Another of my favorite singers. LOVE her....

3) Me & Mrs Jones by Amy Winehouse - she makes my day mostly every morning with her amazing voice - also I love her hair but please Amy stop all that drinking

4) Whiter shade of pale sung by Annie Lennox- another of my great loves who also makes my day every morning

5) I love raï music (Algerian music) by Cheb Mami, Khaled and the incredibly melodious songs of late Egyptian singer Oum Kalsoum - another great great lady with an EXCEPTIONAL voice. Maria Callas admired her.
Raï music is GREAT to dance this : tie a scarf round your hips, start swaying your hips, shake your shoulders, think of your hands as little birds, let your body swim into the rhythm, that's it baby! so cool

6) I'm stuck because naturally I love so many other musics. Flamenco, you said ? CLARO QUE in Andalucia and after 3 years of flamenco classes, of course I love flamenco! Many times, I ask myself why I still didn't write a post about it and the only explanation I have is that this music is so special to me I want to do it properly. But I can tell you, the flamenco song which really moves me is : La leyenda del tiempo de Camaron de la Isla. El gran Camaron....And I also have a weakness for Diego Cigala. One of the most famous flamenco singers today...Very handsome as well...

7) oh no...last one already...but there are so many more...I love Philip Glass. I used to sing in a choir for many years and I love Purcell. I love baroque music, François Couperin, Lully, Marin Marais...

and you, my lovelies which music makes your day in the morning or in the evening?

ps: Vanessa, was supposed to be 7 songs...I started well but then got completely carried away..this is it : when you love you don't count! :-)

pic: landing in Granada last month


Vanessa said…
Lala, I simply adore your selection, you could write on and on, believe me. It's so all over the place that I love it. I find a lot of similarities. Never heard Algerian music before but I would love to some time! And cheers on the musical collaboration with your Moncheri!

Thanks for joining this tagging frenzy! Your list was worth the wait.
Yoli said…
Lalita linda como estas? Que bellas canciones!
Sara said…
Oooo, this is exciting - a post about music! I haven't seen many music topics among the bloggers I visit.

A White Shade of Pale: I fell madly in love with this song back in the 60's when Procol Harum came out with it! Haven't heard Annie Lennox's version, but have heard Sarah Brightman's, which is beautiful but way too short, in my opinion. I still love this song; my musician husband tells me the melody is borrowed from Bach.

And, flamenco! Yes, though I'm not very knowledgeable about true flamenco, one CD I listen to constantly is Nomad by Jesse Cook - do you know it? He plays flamenco guitar, but he's got Egyptian percussionists, and lots of Middle Eastern musicians on this CD...I guess it's called world music these days - a blend of several.

I've also got some Putamayo Label world music: Sahara Lounge and Arabic Groove are two favorite CDs. There's some Rai on those.

Well, I could go on and on....maybe I will think about this and do my own post about my favorite songs.
Anonymous said…

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