Summer Andalusian treats

This is what I have been living on since the hot summer days started : the traditional Andalusian gazpacho : a chilled tomato-based soup, with green and red pepper, onion and cucumber. So refreshing at any time of day. I don't remember having had gazpacho before settling in Spain. It's so easy and quick to prepare, I think you would like to try it.....

Ratatouille and marinated grilled red pepper
are also some of my favorite summer dishes

Here is the recipe I use for a basic gazpacho

You need 450 g (or 6-8) ripe plum tomatoes

1 green pepper, seeded and roughly chopped

1 red pepper, seeded and roughly chopped

1/1 cucumber, roughly chopped

1 onion roughly chopped

Red wine vinegar (15 ml / 1 tbsp)

Olive oil (15 ml / 1 tbsp)

Salt, black pepper

Ice cubes (3-4)

Mix and process all the ingredients in a food processor until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Pour the gazpacho into a bowl. Add the ice cubes to chill the soup quicker

and place in the fridge to cool.

When you serve it, you can sprinkle finely chopped green pepper and cucumber to decorate.

Once made you can keep the gazpacho for a couple of days in the fridge.

Enjoy !

photos by your devoted blogging hostess


tangobaby said…
I just had the most delicious gazpacho a few weeks ago at my favorite Basque restaurant. But the photos of yours look very yummy, too.

I would like to try your recipe (I've never made this before) and wonder if you can add cilantro and/or garlic, too?

Lala, you dine very well in Spain. I want very much to make this gazpacho. I think it would go very well with the olive cake I am going to make (from the recipe you posted). Last night at the supermarket I bought all the ingredients for that---I bought 2 kinds of olives. Sliced green, and pimento stuffed. Lala I can't wait to make that olive cake!
P said…
I have been eating gazpacho and roasted vegetables me, it's pure summer. I add a bit of stale bread and blend it with some of the chopped vegetables to make it a little more savory. Either way, it's a fabulous soup.
Stephanie said…
I ADORE Gazpacho....I like seeing different recipes, the small changes...I am going to make yours this weekend!
willow said…
Thank you for these delicious looking summer recipes, Lala! I am taking this one with me, too. I looks heavenly. I just picked up a large container of olives for your olive loaf and now I'm looking forward to making both of these. Yummies!

Willow x o
somepinkflowers said…

maybe you can
~~keep the gazpacho
for a couple of days
in the fridge~~

but at my house


it is eaten for breakfast*lunch*dinner*mid~night~snack
until it is gone...

i like how you put yours
in the food~processor
rather than
dice and dice and dice
into small little cubes
which takes
all day to cut up properly...

{{ which
is most likely why
i seldom make it.
now i have no excuse. }}
Dori said…
Oh, I'm not only hungry to be back in Spain, but now I'm hungry for gazpacho...and a Tinto and Kaz...and the beach in Cadiz...
M.Kate said…
Hello Lala, I've never eaten this before but I am sure it is super duper yummy. You really take the most wonderful photos. Happy weekend to you and hugs always :)
Christina said…
Hi Lala,

I love gazpacho. I think it is the perfect summer treat. I think your roasted red peppers and ratatouille look amazing also.

I might try serving these dishes in the same beautiful way you have displayed them : )

charmaine said…
hello Lala,

that just looks delicious. i have never tried this dish,but i look forward to preparing it.this dish looks like it should come from a gourmet magazine page.beautiful colors and i love the way you presented it.i can't wait to make this for my family and friends. this dish really looks healthy. thank you for sharing. you are truly a super woman.have a good weekend!

Kristen said…
it looks wonderful!
Relyn said…
Oh yum! Everything you do is done with such flair and beauty. Even this.
willow said…
Lala, I made your gazpacho today and it was delicious...come over at take a look! :)
JoJo said…
Thank you for stopping by for a visit! After seeing the beautiful table service on your blog, I can't wait to serve a side dish from a goblet. We are having a birthday celebration in our neighborhood tomorrow and I can't wait. So inspired. Merci.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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