Angelas's house in Frigiliana

I met Angela last week. She runs a casa rural (a B&B) in a beautiful white village called Frigiliana, down on the coast in the south of Granada. I told her casually "sure, we'll come and visit you" and when I got on her site, this time I told myself "you bet, we're coming to stay !!".....
this is definetely the place where I want to be around Christmas....enjoying the Andalusian sun

see the little stove in the dining room....cozy...cozy...perfect for chilly winter nights
one of the bedrooms......simple, monacal
a moorish styled bathroom

interesting stone piling

too cute !

All photos from Casa Angela's website

Casa Doña Angela
Callejon de las Animas, 10
29788 Frigiliana (province of Maalga)

tel. : +34 952 53 32 81


Mary-Laure said…
If I go there I will never go away. Those flowers! That sky! Those rooms! AAAAAAAAH, I want to be there!
willow said…
I thought exactly the same thing! I could move in and never, ever leave! I love, love, love her decorating style. And that pool...ahh...I would live in it.
P said…
What magic - I would kill to be there right now.
Oh my, what a splendid place to escape the stress of city life. Bliss.

I adore the third pic of the balcony looking out over the valley and that Jacaranda in full blossom..... memories of my youth.
tangobaby said…
What a stunning, sunny, happy place! Why am I so entranced by that bathtub especially? That shower and the stones piled up...lovely.
Oh! Gorgeous!! What a lovely retreat! Swooooon.
karina said…
Que lugar maravilloso!!!
Divine place!!!!
I love that kind of places, so romantic,this is my kind of place.
Vanessa said…
I would love to stay there, too. Fingers crossed, I will make it to Spain before the year is over!
The pics are great and the location even better. A couple of questions:

In the address you have province 'Maalga', is that the name of the place, or is that supposed to be Malaga? How far is her place from Bubijon? When we go to Andalucia, we usually stay in a similar B&B near Alpujarra, Bubijon and I can't remember the name of the other little towns nearby. From our apartment we have a perfect view of the mountains. i don't know if this place would be 'on the other side of that mountain',if you know what I mean. If it is on our side, I would be tempted to stay there, based on your photos. Is the price reasonable? Do they take families with kids?

Thanks for the post. Spain is a magical country, and this is not cheap platitude, it truly is.

Greetings from chilly London.
Thanks for sharing - that looks stunning! I'll be checking the place out for our next trip south...
Gracias por compartirlo:)
Sara said…
What a wonderful and charming place to stay. I noticed the jacaranda trees right away too. Love the pool and veranda and the view from up high.
Relyn said…
You know the most wonderful, stylish people. I guess because like attracts like. I hope you do get to visit at Christmas time. Looks like a heavenly place to spend it.
Gillian said…
So beautiful!!! Some Moroccan influences there...and maybe Portuguese???LOL!
kyh said…
ahhh the lovely interiors!!! what a dream home!
Yoli said…
Lalita que belleza!!!!!!!!!
chloe said…
My god what a beautiful and elegant place to stay.
I am keeping this link in my voyage website section .
thank you for the info.
Christina said…
Sun at Christmas and all this beauty, it would make for the most perfect holiday.

The stove in the kitchen, I would want to see first! ; )

So beautiful!
Mama said…
WOW!!, Angelas house is stunning!.
Mélanie said…
This is such a gorgeous place ! I have to come over !!!
I love it
Gina said…
What a lovely house. I like it very much. does she cook for her guests too?
Gina from Germany
Crissy said…
Stunning! I want to live there!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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