Monchéri cracks me up. He's learning English - well poco a poco (little by little) as we say in Spanish - and the other day he came up with this word tablescape. This one must be reading design blogs with much more avidity than I. Peevishly, I confessed the term was unknown to me. So here's to tablescape and tablescaping!

this custom made lucite table could be useful to put a glass or two but it's mainly filled with samples of my cards (from last Xmas season), bangles and a vintage bracelet

don't ask me why I added this the moment I thought it was funny

little shoe from one of the numerous shoe miniature shops in Elche near Alicante, famous for its shoe making activity. A mini guest soap from Guerlain is tucked inside of the shoe. What for ?...I don't know....

a collector's Evian bottle, the red mini is topped with a lighting ball bought at the V&A shop in London, a broken diamond cut crystal, a Christmas decoration and some of my designed cards from last summer

and you do you tablescape ?

(can I see please)

edit to post and note to myself: I think it's time to rethink this tablescape...too crowded

photos by your devoted blogging hostess


willow said…
I tablescape so much that it can actually get out of hand! I have to hold myself back so it won't look too contrived. Yours is oh, so fun!! :^)
karina said…
Nice tablescape!!!
I do not do them, how much can they endure in my home, but my little one does,he is not tidy but he has 2 perfect tablescapes with little toys, in his bedroom.
l'air du temps said…
dear Lala, unfortunately i don't tablescape (hee hee, such a great word:), too many of my table surfaces are covered with books and magazines. when i was a kid my mom would walk into my room and just wonder 'what is the deal with this girl and paper.'

your tablescapes are so pretty. they remind me so much of modern art. i would love to walk into a modern art museum and see one of your tablescapes, stand in ponder. i love it. i'd want to touch the beautiful shoe, smell the guerlain soap. try on the bracelets and bangles...
rochambeau said…
Such a lovely tablescape Lala.
The Lucky Bitch adds a perfect touch of humor and whimsy to your design.

Listen to your Cherie. He's in the know. There's a lady on the food network here in the states Sandra Dee. She is into "tablescapes" too!

Debs said…
I came here thanks to the blackboxes and I'm so glad that I found your blog, it's lovely.
tangobaby said…
I have no room for a tablescape, alas! I have a dresserscape in my bedroom, but it is very sparse. I tend not to have too many things (unless you are counting lipsticks or shoes, neither of which would make a nice display).

I think I would have a miniature shoe tablescape, given the choice. Please thank Moncheri for introducing me to something new.
Relyn said…
I love your tablescape. My only complaint with my house is that there are so few horizontal surfaces. I love to create vignettes. I am dying over that sparkly mini shoe.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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