Dazed and confused

Still dazed....knocked down...but still giggling.

I came back from this birthday party last night and instead of cuddling with Monchéri, I went straight to my blog only to find the comments box a bit thicker and thicker. Blogger, are you being my Santa Claus this year ? Thank you again for this Blogs of note gift. Another sweet blogging surprise was in store for me last night. I found out that the exquisite and very "recherché" Diana Muse enlisted me in her "I love your blogs" list which thrilled me with joy and may I say it...pride ! If you don't know her yet, then treat yourself to an exciting aesthetic journey by clicking here.

Now that I've got my prezzie can I just channel my new readers to a few blogs which to my mind also deserve to be Blogs of note ?

Some of you already know the enthralling world of Willow from Willow Manor and the sassiness of miss Tangobaby, both having been recently selected by Blogger.

I've mentioned earlier the exquisite Diana Muse and its French pendant Le Divan Fumoir Bohémien is equally formidable.

I actually read a lot of blogs and at times I find out, I'm more interested by the guts of the person writing than the actual content of the blog.

I have loads of fondness for this quintet of ladies : Christina from Soul Aperture, who is a chef and excels at photography, Relyn from Come sit by my fire, who's the kind of teacher all parents want for their kids, Gillian from Indigo Blue, who's a cheerful gorgeous lady running a spa in Canada, Audrey who tells "petites histoires" in L'Air du temps and sweet Vanessa who writes about her peregrination in Europe.

The mischievous and "désopilante" miss P. always cracks me up.

The colorful Corine, a French lady living in LA in turn makes me laugh and moves me.

My friend Cuban in London always makes me discover new music or writers. His bilingual posts are also very spot on.

I would love to actually meet Edi from Edi's files. (it always intrigued me, she's quoting Thomas Payne in her right column)

I would love to have tea with Kendalee, Claire and Anairam and talk about South Africa, Claire's recent trip to Madagascar and millions of other things

I admire the work of Carla from Carla loves photography

I was delighted to discover recently a trio of graceful francophile ladies : Vicky from French Essence, Catherine from A Thousand Clapping Hands and Tutta from Music for a while shall all your cares beguile

And right now, I'd love to go and pay a physical visit to jewel designer Deb from Bonbon Oiseau on her holiday market stand in New York !

Have a fabulous day and happy blogging-hopping !

pic by my friend photographer Jaine Laine
(and no...it's not what I wore last night. I was all wrapped up in layers of mohair. Not very glam...not very sexy either..)


Edi Style said…
Lala, You are on my list of the people I want to meet before I depart and I will meet you. Thank you!!! Surges of speechless...

Anonymous said…
Congrats on the special mention of your blog. It is well-deserved. And in turn, you have listed some interesting-sounding blogs, which I plan on checking out in the future.

Thanks for your pressie and for the mention. It's a pleasure to share Bloggiland with such prestigious bloggers.

Greetings from London.
willow said…
This couldn't have happened to a nicer bloggy. Isn't it special, just like a Christmas gift? That's how I feel. Your picture is worth a thousand words!
Zorawar Sangha said…
Excellent blog.
a subconscious baring of the soul of a writer and a communicator in general.

my blog is SANGHA SPEAKS www.sanghaspeaks.blogspot.com

i would appreciate your feedback.

Zorawar 'Zoro' Sangha
tangobaby said…

You started my day off with a smile! Thank you! (And I love being called sassy.)

I am thrilled to be included on your list of blogger friends (and I felt the same way when Diana Muse first wrote to me!) and when you say "I'm more interested by the guts of the person writing than the actual content of the blog," I agree with you entirely.

Reading a blog is like developing a relationship with someone. The more you read, the more you know about the person behind the words, which in turn makes the words more interesting.

I know someday that you and I will meet, perhaps in some ancient castle in Spain, and I will thank my lucky stars that Blogger brought us together.

I'm glad you're giggling. You deserve every ounce of lovely recognition!
vicki archer said…
Congratulations - your blog is a blog of note every day of the year. Thank you for the mention of French Essence, so lovely and generous of you, xv.
please sir said…
Oh so fun! Thanks for all the new links!
Christina said…
Congratulations Lala! Your new friends will love your blog. It's welcoming words and beautiful pictures.

Thank you so much for mentioning my blog, Lala, I have moved this week to your neighborhood of blogger.

Love ya.
You exude happiness in that photo!
You do such a beautiful job with your blog...I feel uplifted every time I visit you here. Congratulations, and thank you so much for the kind mention.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the list. I look forward to checking all of the mentioned blogs out.
tangas usadas said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MsSvelteNY said…
YOU are enabling my travel bug. Just found your site via the recommended blogs on blogspot.

Looking forward to being transported away.

ResidentExpat said…

how sweet! congrats.
corine said…
Congratulations, and you deserve it. Thank you for mentioning my blog among such wonderful ones.
Eyom said…
You are a goddess of the Blogging World, Lala.

Keep blogging and inspiring occassional bloggers like me.
Anonymous said…
seu blog é muito bom!
Visite o meu blog e ajude uma instituição carente.Abraços,BRASIL!
Anonymous said…
seu blog é muito bom!
Gabbi said…
thank you for the recommendations and congratulations on your 'noteworthy' blog :) it's a favorite of mine too...xxoo
Dolphin Dreamz said…
You have nice blog there, i am new to the blogging world. Check my blog www.openwithursmile.blogspot.com/
and leave your valuable comment. Thank you....
Pole said…
hi, whats the weather like in Barcelona in Spain?
Where is really worth going to in that region too?
My Naked Self said…
Your blog IS very nice! And thanks for your intro to other sweet blogs, I don't feel stucked in front of my office anymore!

My Naked Self said…
oops, I meants "in front of the computer" and/or "in my office" :D
Sammi said…
Thanks a lot for your comment on my blog! I am trying to write more often these days. I will write another post about expat life shortly. I will definitely continue to read your blog.
Anonymous said…
Gostei imenso do seu blog!

Bi, *.*
So many new blogs to check. Thanks for the links and congrats again!
Kathy said…
Lala, Your blog exudes class and beauty. You would be such a great person to meet! Your work is exquisite - what a wonderful sense of wonder and attention to detail in your artwork. I also think the photos on your blog belong in magazines! :) I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog. Cheers!
Kim said…
Congratulations. You do a good job entertaining all of us.
Ooooh...more delectable blogs to visit! Thank you!!
James Young said…
Hello, I only just discovered your blog, and not because of Blogger Of Note! I can't quite recall how..I just came across it....anyway I liked it very much, some beautiful pictures and elegant phrasings...

Happy Christmas!

James www.yourlifeisanimpossibility.blogspot.com
Mélanie said…
You look gorgeous ! This picture is lovely ! I knew you weren't wearing this dress because of the snow
Our Family said…
Gosh I just loved your blog, how come I'd never come across it before...congrats!!

P said…
Hello my sweet -thank you so much for your sweet words...I love your blog too!
paris parfait said…
Congrats for some much-deserved recognition! Happy Christmas to you and yours. xo
sababoy said…
In new location of my life, it's taken even a long time, I miss my nature, my house, my mother, my father, my tyrant neighbors, my silent streets, my fields waiting for spring and you.
Theresa said…

l'air du temps said…
so sweet of you to share! thanks a bunch dear One. i'll have to get pen in hand so i can take note of your list of cool and beautiful blogs...

thanks so much as well for your 'petitie histoire.' so sorry you had to suffer that time, but when we live to tell the story it often helps others... as you have me;)

have a merry weekend!
Gillian said…
You have got to be kidding me.
I am exhausted beyond measure and was happy enough to come visit you and here I find this. You make my day you sweet lady with your kind words.
Never have I "met" anyone with such zest for life as you have. You are MY inspiration. I have you up on a pedestal with a select few others (they know who they are) and it makes me so elated to know you care.
Much love this Christmas pretty lady if I don't get back here again to wish you one. I am in sheer chaos here.
I needed me a little Spain though, so hence the reason for my visit here tonight.
OH and one for Mon Cheri xo
you have to do this

Anonymous said…
Hi Lala

I have just come across your "blog of note" It is a great blog, with interesting photographs and lively chat. I will put you down on my links for my friends to enjoy the blog too.
My blog is about my life in Surrey, UK. http://jackieslifeinsurrey-1.blogspot.com/

Hope you have a very Happy Christmas and I look forward to reading about it on your blog!!
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
kendalee said…
Lovely Lala, how delightful!!! Recognition for your great blog well deserved, and so typically warm-hearted of you to pay it forward... I entirely agree about being "more interested by the guts of the person writing than the actual content of the blog" and it's the guts of you that brings me back time and again - although the content's pretty great too ;o)

I would LOVE to have tea and chat for hours with you too, and who knows... stranger things have happened.

Giggle on!!! ♥
Shravan said…
a good blog. loved the visit !!
Rachete said…
Great shoes!

dutchbaby said…
Congratulations on your great honor of note! You feature many familiar faces but also mention new ones that I look forward to exploring.
Yoli said…
Lalita I LOVE that photo of you! So joyful. Congratulations on the mention of your blog. Thank you for sharing those wonderful blogs.
Cynthia said…
I loved the being-overcome-with-joy photo. Your blog is a friendly stop-n-chat and then everyone is off to their fun-busy errands. A bit like life in a movie...like the life portrayed by those two French girls with hat(your YouTube posting). Cute, fresh, and energizing!
Relyn said…
Dear Lala,

You and Tangobaby have already said it better than I could. It's the person behind the words and images that makes a blog feel like a comfy chair and a cup of tea with a friend. I love your blog for your style, your keen eye, your many adventures, and your loving heart. I love your blog for you, dear friend. Thank you so much for feeling fond of me. The feeling is mutual. Be well. Congratulations!! Merry Christmas!
Vanessa said…
Girlfriend, you rock! This isn't just about a blog of note...YOU are a person of note, and I'm so happy to have found you on the Internets!

Much love from Zurich,
Beaz said…
I´ve met you thanks to Blogs of Note and find the indication perfectly correct. Congratulations. I´ll be back often.

I´ve just started a blog. Can´t do it very well yet, but learning is what we´re here for.

Have a nice 2009.
sex said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Joe said…
Hi! I am Joe,glad to see your nice blog

JUNIOR said…
This blog is wonderfull.I am liking.
aufidius said…
brilliant! love your documentation of Andalusia.. I am sure you have watched the documentary " an Islamic History of europe"..good work!

Happy Holidays.
Anonymous said…

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