El Hospital Real en Granada and its library

After the mad effervescence of Semana Santa, the only thing I wanted yesterday was to retire in a peaceful place where I could enjoy beautiful premises in the company of old books. El Hospital Real is one of my favorite places in Granada. Initially built by King Ferdinand in the XVth century to cure ill people and take care of orphans, the Hospital Real is today a major venue for exhibitions and concerts.

I always dreamt of setting up a fashion show in one its four patios. Wouldn't it be a perfect place ?
next to it, the library, la Biblioteca universitaria is an ideal refuge to read and write but also consult old editions

this atlas by Joan Riczo Oliva (XVth cent.) makes me dream of caravans in the desert and undiscovered islands.

pics: me
the library is opened from monday to friday
8h30/9h to 20h30/21h
there is also a nice cafeteria in the patios


conozco este sitio...es precioso, me encantó el patio central!
Blondie said…
Wow, what a Beautiful Place!

Oregon, USA
Yoli said…
I am floored, absolutely floored from all this beauty.
David Engel said…
Do you have a spare room? I always want to move when I've read your blog. What a life.


Diana said…
So very lovely...reminds me a bit of one of my favorite places in my native San Diego, Balboa Park, with it's Spanish style architecture, although it's much newer, of course.

What a lovely, peaceful day!
Kasey said…
Oh, how I miss beautiful Granada!
We always visit the library when traveling...such a telling peek into the soul and mind of a community.

What a lovely treasure!
Gillian said…
How beautiful is all of this!
Lala, you are so fortunate to have lush history in your country.
Here, if something is old they knock it down and build a parking garage on it.
I have the saddest looking library you would ever want to see. And they never have anything I'm looking for. Oh, to have this beauty in my neighborhood!
Dakota Bear said…
A magnificent place. I really like the picture of the door. As you can see on my blog, I love taking pictures of doors.
AnnaVallance said…
Love the pictures-missed seeing so many places when I was there.
somepinkflowers said…

~~enjoy beautiful premises
in the company of old books~~


i work at a library
even though it is spacious
and modern
it is a library such as This One
that owns my heart...

{{ never pass a church
or library
when traveling in Europe
without going in.
never }}
Claire said…
its been a while lala. hope that your heart is happy.
You're quite right, my castle, that patio definitely looks great for a fashion show. Thanks for the pictures, the tour and the commentary.

Greetings from London.
Christina said…
OMGoodness Lala! I love these. Picture 6, i never want to forget that image. So beautiful!
Bonbon Oiseau said…
gorgeous pics--thanks for transporting me, as always...
What a beautiful place to be. Wonderful photography.
--greetings from San Francisco, another beautiful place to be.
Linda Sue said…
When I die and go to heaven- this library is where I want to be...It has EVERYTHING - all of those lovely books. Quiet, studious in devine ambience, beautiful building and grounds. Yes, HEAVEN!Wonderful post!
pranksygang said…
this library is simply superb .. i have never seen anything like this.. it is a real piece of heaven
Mélanie said…
L'andalousie est si riche culturellement . A chaque post , je me rapproche de toi ...il faut que je décide "MON " Chéri
Susana said…
Hola Lala! Qué lugar y qué fotos tan increíbles! La Biblioteca es de ensueño!
vicki archer said…
An absolutely perfect place for many different things. HAppy weekend Lala, xv.
Sara said…
Love those graceful arches and columns...perfect for a fashion show...

The library is pretty amazing...all that gorgeous dark wood, and what glimpses I see of the ceiling makes me want to see more of it.
kendalee said…
This looks like heaven to me!
Espero visitarlo algún día...
paris parfait said…
Looks like a wonderful, peaceful place! Wish I were there. xo
Chrisy said…
ooooh yes a fashion show...or a fabulous cocktail party! and the library...what a refuge for you!
kyh said…
I so love that map! It's so classic! ;)

kyh@ http://soleilian.com
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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