Andalusian fashion accessory

My lovelies, this is my latest fashion accessory....a fan. I'ts cheap, light, and a lots of fun to use, and it's very Spanish (although mine is certainly made in China). I love seeing women of all ages in Granada, taking out their fan from their handbag and making these quick elegant movements with their hand.

This afternoon, I had a routine check up at my gynecologist. When I opened the door of her office, she was seated in front of her computer, fanning herself with a fan very similar to the one on the pic above. Next to her, an assistant, a young pregnant woman was also using a bright colored fan to get some fresh air on her face. I knew my camera was in my bag and I was dying to ask them please let me take a picture of you, you're so cute like that! I just smiled and told them, it was very elegant and that we should definitely start this fashion in France.
I left the hospital and started to look for a fan! I didn't have far to go and bought one of these from an African street seller at 3€

of course, you can find more sophisticated models at El Corte Inglès at all prices
I stalked this lady when I got out of El Corte Inglès, bag in the left hand, fan in the right hand....
and when the sun is too hot, you just use your fan to protect your eyes from the direct light. Isn't it a clever elegant accessory?


Mélanie said…
Love this kind of accessory, so glamour
Anairam said…
I loved this post because I adore hand fans! They are so elegant and useful - I just wish I can get hold of something more beautiful than the cheap Chinese version, of which I have four. I use them quite a lot when I dance tango in summer, it is so great to cool yourself after a set with an elegant flutter of the hand. I've also considered making my own one - but have not yet figured out how to make the handpiece. Lovely post!
They really are so practical, and beautiful too. I have quite a few and never leave home without one in my handbag during the summer months. I have a friend who carries one to fan her hot flashes! I taught her how to open and close it with Spanish flair. So easy to find them in Spain - I remember looking at them in Il Corte Ingles - just beautiful. It is miserable here, Lala - near 100.
Keep cool,
Catherine xx
Allow me to join the line of
Fan Lovers : I almost always have one with me in the summer.

I'm loving all your photos, but especially loving the stack with the silver,gold, green metallic.
Ah ... to live in a world where
people wouldn't roll their eyes when
I bring out my fan!

I'll echo Catherine's message to
Keep cool, Lala .... .

quite the dashing accesory! Lovely in it's simplicity!
Linda Sue said…
VERY PREETY! I carry one with me at all times- menopause is a fan's best friend up here in the north , sales skyrocket, I buy all sizes for all sizes of hot flashes!
Sara said…
I'm so glad to know that fans are still in use somewhere on this globe! I've loved them since I was a little girl...sadly, I do not own one at the moment. Perhaps I should go looking. You've inspired me.

Michelle said…
How wonderful! I adore glamor combined with practicality.
Susana said…
I think los abanicos are very chic!!!

Lala, thanks so much for visiting our blog! You are a sweetheart.

Love your photos, as always!

Yoli said…
My gradmother had a glorious one in black with lace. It was Victorian, left it behind in Cuba. It was huge and elaborate and I have never seen anything like it again.
Luverly fans! When we were in Spain, we learned from the tourist guide about the different messages conveyed the way a fan is held .
I always have a fan in my purse when in FL during the summer....and also a polka dot umbrella which I use as a parasol as well as protection during sudden summer rain storms.

I get a few "looks," but maybe I'll start a trend! ; )
rochambeau said…
Oh mY YES!! I'm a Fan of this FAN post!
Even your doctor and assistant were fanning at the Gynecologist? How funny Lala.

Adore the pictorial adventure of finding your new acquisition AND seeing the lady you followed for a photo~op!

I do have a few fans too (made in CHina), but wish they were from espana!


Hows your Castle?

In mine it is 100°
Merisi said…
Oh yes, the very image of a Spanish Lady! :-)
And there used to be, or there still is, a fan language. In Cuba, it was mainly used in the 18th and 19th centuries by the ladies of high society to communicate messages to their pretenders. Fantastic post and beautiful images.

Greetings from London.
Simply Mel said…
I just picked up one yesterday in's black linen with gorgeous silver polka dots! It's amazing how cool you get with this!
Aurora said…
Women can't spend a summer without a fan here, in Andalucía.
My daughtars have decorated some to give to their teachers as a present at the end of the school year.
I have a bunch of them, and are essential when you leave your cool home to face the hard, sofocating heat at day time.
Myu daughters - 7 and 11- have their own ones.
They aare so usual it's amazing they may be considered peculiar.
Scarlet said…
Oooh, I want one of those! Que belleza...and it's practical.
KINHA said…
I think you have a nice blog, beatiful photos and smart posts.I'm wating your visit.
A.C. said…
They were also very very popular in Japan! And they worked wonders for the +30 degree weather! phew!
dutchbaby said…
Oh, these fans take me back to my youth in Java. Thank you for sharing these beautiful images.
Relyn said…
Well. All these little pretties certainly make my paper fans look sad. Now I need to find one for myself. I can see me now. Picture me on the playground in 90+ heat, surrounded by shouting second graders. I'll be calm and cool with my fan and my dreams of Granada.
Lucy said…
Fans are wonderful! I saw some beautiful black lace ones in Belgium, land of lace makers.

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