W is for wedding, work, weekend.....

I thought you might like to see my work in progress. Monchéri and I are currently working on a menu card job for a wedding planner. The wedding is to take place in a beautiful country side in the south east of France and the theme given by the client was : la beauté de la nature plus the cards have to be reminiscent of the jewelry theme. So I came up with these for the lavender/soft grey theme tables.

A few tables are decorated with a different color theme and have a different menu card

Weddings are my favorite kind of job. I find it so exciting to work for people who have a poetic vision of their lunch or dinner party. Naturally the menu card is one of the very last details the bride and groom will consider but it certainly adds a note of joy and refinement. The only thing is that I always get the final infos at last minute and then have to rush, designing a few samples, get the final ok from the client, wait for the menu then rush to the printer who prints the folio which I then place inside.

I'll tell you a funny story about a desastrous menu card job when I settled in Spain. After taking a few weeks vacation, I contacted one of my main clients in Paris who's an event and wedding planner. He was quite happy to hear from me because he had a big deluxe wedding coming, taking place on a boat on the Seine in Paris. The theme was l'Orient, les épices (Orient & spices). After agreeing on a final project, I ordered the paper then took it to the printer to get it cut. While cutting the paper, the printer damaged it a bit, that is the paper which was smooth had now become slightly creased. So I told him off but the man started to say that perhaps my client would like it this. No way ! I kept shouting to him, in my then very poor Spanish. Anyway I had to order the paper again, made sure it was properly cut this time. When my client sent me the final menu, I forwarded it to the printer. Well...even after checking it for a few times with the printer, there were still a couple of misspelling mistakes. In the end, I was behind deadline. My client got worried and asked me to send the menus by DHL. I used to trust DHL but not anymore...At least not in Spain ! After making sure, that yes, it would took 2 days for the package to be in Paris, I was happy to send the project to my client. And oh dear....in the end, it didn't take 2 days but 3 and my poor client had to wait in his office on a saturday morning then rush to the wedding venue, a boat on the Seine and had to place the menu cards himself....

Since then I learned how to deal with deadlines here in southern Spain. It's actually quite simple. When a supplier tells you, si si si sera listo mañana yes it will be ready tomorrow, don't bother to go on the next day and understand that your order will take 2 days more.

We still have 50 cards to go (we're making 200 in total). If we're finished by this evening we'll head to the coast again!

Have a wonderful week end, my lovelies !

pics : me


Loved tha tale and adored the cards. They look so simple and yet are so beautiful. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.
David Engel said…
Your cards look beautiful Lala & you surely are. I hope you have fun at the coast. Here we would need an ark. The rain has been constant and I love it. My windows are open and I can hear the rain and the birds and it is really quite lovely.

Ciao Bella,

"perhaps your client would love the way I have ruined the paper"

Gotta love some peoples
1. nerve
2. eternal optimism

the menu cards are charming!
Helena said…
The cards are absolutely beautiful, Lala! You have such a great eye for the creative.

I can't figure out how you attached the ring to the card?

Have a lovely weekend!
vicki archer said…
They are gorgeous Lala - you are so talented, I just love them and...lucky bride and groom to have enjoy your painstaking work, xv.
Kasey said…
You do beautiful work!
Kim said…
Your work is lovely!
Alexa said…
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ResidentExpat said…
this is beautiful! You are a gifted and amazing artist!
Patricia said…
Thank you so much for sharing your design work with us. Very elegant!
These are so original with the rings with different 'jewels'. And I love the topography!
Enjoy your weekend at your beautiful beach Lala. You and Moncheri will need the rest after so much intricate work. I'm sure the wedding couple will love them.
Catherine xx
Indyeah said…
These are absolutely beautiful cards Lala!:)

the last one is beautiful so are the ones with the flowers:))

your story reminds me of some rather similar stories here in India:)))
Anairam said…
Beautiful cards - I like the combination of lavender and pearly gray - it is very elegant. Anyway, I hope your coastal/beach trip is more pleasant this time around!
Linda Sue said…
Beautiful cards- lucky bride! I became very agitated reading your "funny" story and the deadlines that were barely met. Anxiety, much? Oh Dear!
I do love the bits of nature and the dazzling little bright spot- lovely!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful work! Congratulations. I have mentioned it so many times, but will do it again. I love your artistic nature, and I always enjoy coming here. Your website always make me smile, and always for different reasons.

Best regards,
Water Baby said…
There was a black box posted on one of my blogging friends sites, so I picked my options and it told me that "based on my answers" I would like your blog. I clicked and found out, that my preference of raking leaves to shoveling snow can lead me to meet blogs that I enjoy reading. These menu cards are lovely! I am currently in the very early stages of planning my own wedding and think these are fantastic!!
Christina said…
; ) when we renew our vows. I hope you will do an announcement for us.
these are so beautiful. i have seen your work close up and it is spectacular.
Anonymous said…
so simple,, yet so beautiful!
Relyn said…
What an enormous job. You really have so much talent. This is completely lovely.

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