My eyes are shut....

When I lived in Paris, I never had time for siesta in the afternoon. Since I settled in southern Spain, I rarely miss my 20 mn of what I call "recharging battery" time. I wake up fresh and ready to start the second part of the day. I had lunch in Granada on tuesday, on a shaded terrace facing this superb old palacete. As I was slightly feeling drowsy, I wished I could enter the door and rest in one of these rooms protected from the sun by the traditional esparto (grass fiber) shutters.
Arent' they beautiful ?


A twenty minute siesta on a summer day should be a requirement for citizenship, I think. In any country.
David Engel said…
Good Morning Lala,

I feel like taking a nap right about now and I just woke up! I don't get home until around 1:00 AM and didn't get to sleep until around 3:00. Not sure that this kind of work schedule is for me. I'm hoping things improve here on the job front.


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Anonymous said…
Siestas are a great tradition. I wish more countries followed that pattern.
Greetings from Texas
pranksygang said…
thats a superb shot!!
Mélanie said…
I love them ! Perfect place for siesta ! Today, after lunch I had a nap
studioJudith said…
Love the esparto shutters ... .
Hope you have a lovely nap.

I think I'll head over to the
hammock -
Simply Mel said…
Seriously, what isn't beautiful in your stunning Andalusian world? Happy siesta time to you!
vicki archer said…
Lala, These shutters are stunning. I would love to know what is behind them...xv
Gillian said…
lala :)
you show us the most beautiful pictures...
i took a lot of B's today, so i'm not sleepy at all :)
but if I was....yes! to those rooms tucked away back there. xo
Jeff Shattuck said…
This world you show does not exist, I am sure.

Mid day naps, beautiful buildings... It can not be that nice somewhere.
Anonymous said…
Yes, "recharging the battery" is key for survival! lol. Everyone teases me for my napping but it is so important to me.
l'air du temps said…
oh i love little naps. one of life's little gifts. disfruta!
rochambeau said…
Hi Lala,
Happy Summer to you and your Cherie!
So nice that your are enjoing your siestas!
My mom takes one ever day. I admire you all for being able to do it!

Hugs from afar.
If you email me your address I send you a heart dear one~
foodcreate said…
Yes! Sieta ! What a wonderful Treat!

Thanks for sharing your blog beautiful pictures !

Welcome ~~~
Join post your comments :)

Tenga Buen Dia ~
Nothing like recharging one's batteries! Yes, siesta is the tonic! favorite time of the day.
Susana said…
Beautiful, Lala! How are you???

The thing with siesta is that, once you get used to having it, you feel really knackered if you don't! Yesterday we missed ours, and we were walking like zombies for the rest of the day!
Celeste Maia said…
I just "discovered" your blog and love it! I am an alien in Madrid, have been living there for some years now. But now we are in Estoril, Portugal, for the summer. As you well know Madrid is uunbearable at this time of the year.
I really enjoyed reading your blog and looking at the stunning photos, congratulations!
I am a painter and children's book writer and illustrator. I have started a blog about 1 month ago. IIf you feel like having a look at my part of Spain and now Portugal, please come and have a look:

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