A new adorable place in Granada......Estrellas de San Nicolas

I'm so thrilled whenever I discover a new place in Granada which is not the average typical noisy café or restaurant. Yesterday, as we were going up to el Mirador de San Nicolas, to have some ice cream while watching the sunset, we noticed a new place has opened in the former house of flamenco singer Enrique Morente.
The door was opened so we peeped inside and found this cosy lounge at the entrance. There was no one but soon a young woman came down the stairs. She didn't mind at all my taking photos of the place and led us to the top terrace which faces the Alhambra. This is the view from the terrace in the first pic....Isn't it just glorious?
There is a beautiful dining room on the first floor with an amazing wooden ceiling.
I very much like the soft blue of the railing of the stairs leading to the roof terrace. So Mediterranean....
the landing is used as a small space to store glasses and crockery.
The terrace is a bit small but the views are just incredible.
On your left, you can see the gardens of the nearby mosque and the Alhambra fortress wall far away.
In front of us......the magnificent Moorish palaces of the Alhambra. We ordered drinks and fish (lubina in escabèche). We could hear some guitar music coming from the plaza San Nicolas, on our right. The fish was excellent (well, the chef is French..please pardon my chauvinism!). Actually the whole team is French. Christophe, the manager, a very pleasant young man, left the south of France to settle in Granada. I'm sure, he'll be successful.
As for me, I think I'll never end to be in love with Granada!

Hope you're all having a nice week end. I'll be back next wednesday. I'm sure you will have noticed my summer blogging laziness, I blame it on the heat but I promise to visit you by then!

pics: me

Restaurant Estrellas de San Nicolas
(/Atarazana Vieja 1 - Mirador San Nicolas - Granada
tel. 958 288 739


Unknown said…
Seems like one more delicious journey with Lala!
Wish I could've been there. I hope you're not melting too much in the heat.


Linda Sue said…
OH my, this is a lovely place. I would be envious but i don't do well in hot climates so I guess I'll have to let this one slide...LOVE the photos, stay cool!
Swetha said…
thats place is like another heaven! its looks so serene and peaceful..
Elizabeth said…
I loved everything about it --especially the blue-shuttered windows.
When I eventually get to Spain, I think it will be high up on my list.
Greetings and love from New
Anairam said…
I have to agree with you that Granada seems to be a gorgeous place - oh, that view! So many places to visit ... so little time ...
I want to move in there! Gorgeous!

And I love that you were on your way to enjoy "ice cream and a sunset"! Absolute perfection! You are my kind of gal!

Have a great week!
Anonymous said…
This is wonderful.
Relyn Lawson said…
So very, very beautiful! Each time I visit your blog, my resolve to travel to Granada grows stronger.
Sahildeki Ev said…
I've never been to Granada but I think I should start planning very soon. Lovely pictures...
Absolutely marvellous! And it looks posh, too. We might be going to Spain after all, but it would be the north of the country. I don't think I could take that Andalucian heat. Especially when I had to withstand that in Cuba for 26 years.

Many thanks for the fantastic photos and commentary.

Greetings from London.
DolceDreams said…
Oh it looks divine! Brought back memories of touristing the Alhambra oh so many years ago. One thing I remember more than anything is the heat (it was July)...so I can understand your summer "laziness"!!
Thank you for the beautiful pictures,
Bonbon Oiseau said…
so beautiful...oh how i wish i was there...i love granada too...you are a lucky lucky girl!
christina said…
It's so beautiful! I love it too!
Jeff Shattuck said…
Wow great pictures! I love the wood ceiling.
somepinkflowers said…

i would love to sit
right down HERE with you
on this terrace
and have you plan
my travels around Granada!


i have wanted to see the Alhambra
for as long as i can remember...

one of my dreams, lala...


Mélanie said…
Il faut à tous prix que je revienne à Grenade ! La vue de la terrasse est vraiment superbe
vicki archer said…
What a terrace! Summer blogging laziness...I hear that too Lala, xv.
What a lovely spot you have found! Your cards are so creative and beautiful - show us more!
V-Ray said…
I just love your site :)) everytime I visit it, I am reminded of hos beautiful life is...

Thank you :)
anita said…
ohhhh! beautiful, sexy place..
thanks for sharing the view!
Relyn Lawson said…
You make me want to come to Granada so much. By the way, is that your purse on the table. I LOVE it!
B said…
Going to my wee house in Chite tomorrow and will go that Restaurant Las Estrellas Mirador San Nicolas Thanks for the review - super.. keep blogging !!
All the best

Bernadette/ Dublin -Ireland.
Calle Carniceria - Chite /across from the Camel Stop :-)

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