Forced vacation at San Cecilio hospital in Granada

My lovelies, dear readers, if only I could tell you, I'm going to follow these two lovely girls on a tour but alas, this is not the case. Tomorrow morning, I'm heading to San Cecilia hospital in Granada for surgery. I've been postponing an operation for too long and now it's just become urgent.

At least last night, we spent a very pleasant evening watching a performance of Arabic-Andalusian dancing at El Corral del Carbon. The air was balmy and warm....a typical Andalusian night which always makes me feel very romantic. The night ended quietly and we leisurely wandered through the streets with our friends.

I'm supposed to stay four days at the hospital...pff...I can tell you I'm a bit reluctant to go but it needs to be done, so I have no other remedy than taking this forced vacation ! Here, when you have an operation pending - via the social security system - the hospital doesn't give you a fixed date. You just have to know that you'll get a call. That's it. So I went a little bit into a panic when the hospital called last thursday to say I was expected there on tuesday tomorrow.At the moment, we're right into what I call theChristmas card fever crisis, meaning we're rushing to get the new Christmas card collection finalized. In a way, it was a good thing for me to concentrate on the work so that I don't ask myself stupid questions like : what if I don't wake up after the anesthesia and so on...

I will surely miss my walks in Granada, buying tuberoses in the streets

I won't be able to dance in the streets for a few weeks..oh well....
there will be other days...

Oh I hope I can see the roofs of Granada through my window at the hospital. This would be a treat.

I leave you now and gosh I'll miss you !!

Have a great week.
Hopefully I'll be back on the blog next monday.




Steph said…
All good thoughts for a safe and successful surgery and a speedy recovery!
Des said…
I know that all will go well with your hospital stay, and I hope that you have a speedy recovery. Please take care.
maría cecilia said…
...well, then get well soon cause I´ll be waiting for the joy in your amazing posts.
Maria Cecilia
Linda Sue said…
Darling Dearest Lala- what is being surgerized?! I will be thinking of you with well wishes- surgery no matter - is difficult. I send love and a mental, cyber bandaid- Be a good girl and do nothing while you recouperate.
Lala, this is such a shock. I will send you many, many positive thoughts and prayers. You will be dancing in the streets again soon.
Much love to you and Moncheri,
Catherine xxoo
TheChicGeek said…
Oh, what a beautiful post and a beautiful attitude you have :) You are a very special lady!
I send you love and best wishes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers :)

I know soon we shall see you dancing in the streets again.


luna miranda said…
don't'll have sweet dreams while they're doing surgery, and wake up to the fragrance of flowers from your beloved.:P

you will be in my prayers, Lala.
Simply Mel said…
Oh dearest Lala,

I will be thinking of you something fierce the next few days and wishing you a speedy and healthy recovery!

You will be missed, but do rest and heal.

I'm looking forward to discussing Christmas when you return.

All the best to you,
David Engel said…
Hi Lala,

I gather from your comments that it is nothing too serious. I certainly hope that's the case. I'll be sending you lots of love.

donna said…
payers and good wishes to you....from So. California
Joyful said…
I too had surgery twice this past year and perhaps one more in the year to come. I'm like you, I fret a bit over the anesthesia but am getting better at relaxing. I will say a prayer for you right now. Blessings Lala until we "see" you again. Love and hugs xoxo
Susana said…
Oh Lala, good luck! I hope it is nothing serious... I had two surgeries in the last 4 years and hospitals are not fun! We will miss you... a speedy recovery, guapa!
Celeste Maia said…
Lala, I am sending you very positive thoughts and will make a healing meditation for you this afternoon. All will go well and you will be dancing on the strees very soon. Keep up that wonderful attitude of yours, and know that you will missed. Looking forward to hearing from you next week!
oiasantorini said…
I could bring you some ouzo and grilled octopus (you know what they say about hospital food), or I could send you a nice card...but you will probably be out before it gets there... so I will just send you a big wave and a kiss and say "nice try at getting the sympathy vote lovely...but you don't get the last brownie" ;-)

Get well soon Lala.... Spain's brides need you and so do we !
Italo said…
Ciao Lala, IN BOCCA AL LUPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dearest Lala,
I send you my warments regards and wishes for a speedy recovery! You shall be back on your feet, dancing the Fandango in no time!!! Anita

You don't know me but I've been following your blog for a few months now because I was drawn to your passion for life and beautiful pictures.

I hope you have the speediest of recoveries and that you'll be dancing in the streets in no time!

Blessed prayers,

Get well soon and take us to the streets of your city again..Good Luck
Caroline said…
Oh! My dear Lala! Hope that everything goes well for you - a hospital stay is never great, but it is short and I've no doubt you'll soon be bouncing about fit as a fiddle again very soon. Take care - love and best wishes for a speedy recovery! Caroline x0x
Diana said…
Wishing you well and healthy! Take it easy and soak up the enforced vacation as much as you can!
Sara said…
Oh my, I just saw this! It's Tuesday eve in Spain by now. You are in my thoughts and prayers for a quick and perfect recovery from the surgery. Blessings to you, Lala.
Dear Lala,
Wishing you a speedy recovery and make sure to pamper yourself.
Scarlet said…
You will be up and dancing in the streets again before you know it. All my best to you, Lala, and mend quickly, ¿oíste? ;)
Sending you warm wishes and a quick recovery. What a beautiful blog you have, I am delighted to have found you!
dutchbaby said…
Dear Lala,
Wishing you a successful surgery and speedy recovery. Please take time to heal; we will all wait patiently for your return.
DolceDreams said…
All of the best! I am sure that all will go well. Sometimes it is better to get caught off guard, then you don't fret too much....
I will anticipate your return with your dancing shoes on!
Mélanie said…
Chère Lala,j'apprends à peine la nouvelle et j'spère que tout c'est bien passé . Je suis sure que même si ton corps ne peut pas , tu danseras tout de même ...TAKE CARE
Linda Sue said…
Dreamgirl said…
Oh, I just found your blog through a friend of a friend.... And I'm in love! Even though I live in Norway, Spain is my favorite place on earth. And Granada is beautiful! I understand very well why you have chosen to reside there...

I'm hoping that your surgery went well and that you have a quick recovery!

I'll be back to visit soon!
Hasta pronto
corine said…
Surgery? Oh no! Feel better soon. Hugs from Los Angeles.
Sending warm thoughts your way Lala - we will miss you! Hope it isn't painful, you have a speedy recovery, and are back dancing through the streets before long.
thedeinesfamily said…
Hope you are doing well after your surgery.
Theresa Cheek said…
are you dancing in your dreams yet? Come back to us soon!
Zelda said…
get well dear , and dance again soon . it seams you are surounded by love and care ... good luck !
Blondie said…
Good luck with your surgery!!! Get better fast!

Blondie (Lisa)
travelingmama said…
Well, that is not a fun way to spend your week! Hope you are feeling better quickly!
pranksygang said…
You will be back to normal soon..

Dear, i have something for u in my blog.. have a look!!
Olivia said…
I just read your lovely post as always. Wishing you a speedy recovery. And, a Big Hug!
Tim Irving said…
I thought you'd end up in the Betty Ford clinic! Phone me as soon as you can, I'll come and see you.
Elizabeth said…
Do hope you are feeling better and will soon be back delighting is with our delicious glimpses of Spain.
Our son just got back from Barcelona
Anairam said…
Oh, I hope you get better very quickly and that the stay in the hospital will be over soon. Best wishes, dear Lala!
Caroline said…
Hope this finds you well! A little award awaits you on my blog, my friend! Caroline x0x
I will keep you in my prayers, may the angels be working overtime and safely return you to us.
love Caroline
Wish you better, my castle!

Greetings from London.
maría cecilia said…
I dear, hope you are doing well. I miss you.
María Cecilia
Mélanie said…
Lala, j'espère que tout va pour le mieux. Que tu es à la maison et que tu te reposes. j'espère que Mon chéri prend bien soin de toi et que nous aurons très bientot
de tes nouvelles
Celeste Maia said…
Lala, I am back in Madrid, and came to your blog and find out how you are doing. I am sending you best wishes and hugs from Madrid, Celeste
Krista said…
I hope you are recovering well. I will be in Granada next week & I am so happy to have stumbled across your blog!
Patricia said…
Sending light beams your way for a rapid recovery!
maría cecilia said…
Lala, hope you are recovering well. I have lighted a candle for you since a week now, may its light protect you and brings you joy and happiness.
I miss you.
María Cecilia
rochambeau said…
Healing light to surround you dear Lala!

studioJudith said…
Lala dear,

I've been away on a family emergency and have just found your post:
hopefully you're home and healing by now , with dancing in your near future!

Sending hugs your way -

Wishing you the best - hope the surgery goes well. I just came across your blog like a gem - will keep checking back!

Hoping you'll be back blogging ASAP.

Holli in Ghana -
Claire said…
Lala, I have been quiet but I have been here. I will be thinking of you. Please do be gentle on yourself this week.

Calvin and I will be exploring your part of the world at the end of October. I am just so so excited!
Thinking of you, Lala. Hope the recovery will be a quick one.
Catherine xx
TheChicGeek said…
Just stopping by to send some love and good wishes for a speedy recovery!
Yoli said…
Mi Lalita linda que paso? Wishing you a speedy recovery my beautiful friend!


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