Le Bon Marché mon amour....

Le Bon Marché, the Parisian chic store of the 7th arrondissement has been my first big client for the handmade cards and notebooks. Our histoire d'amour began a good ten years ago when I was living in Paris. At that time, I was living in rue Vieille-du-Temple in the Marais district and I was just starting to sell my work to a few shops in my neighborhood, not much really. One day, I picked up the phone and asked for an appointment with the stationary department buyer of Le Bon Marché. I showed her a collection of handmade little notebooks which she liked and this is how it started. For about a decade, I've been really happy to sell my work there. Unfortunately, last time I had the buyer on the phone, she told me that sadly the cards department will close by the end of the year. I was so sad and shocked too. This post is a recap of former cards collections, my favorite actually. And it is also a big thank you to the très sympathique buyer A. T. (well, surely she doesn't read my blog !) for supporting my handmade work year after year, after all this time.

So here are my best-of if I may say so.
In 2003, I used these exquisite wintry Vogue covers for the Christmas cards
For a few years, I liked to use the same Venitian angels portraits, changing the card design one year to another but with the same portraits

In 2002, I was already living in Andalusia but was still sending my samples to the buyer. She would then fax me the order. That year, I designed a Christmas collection cards mainly in ivory color and gold. Well, at first it looked a bit bland and too simple, but why not. I sent my little package, hoping the buyer will like it. Now I always remember that afternoon with a smile : it was a sunny september day and the phone rang. It was A.T. from Le Bon Marché, which was so surprising because she actually never called. But that time, she wanted to say that she had just received the samples and that she found the whole collection, adorable, so yes 2002 was a great year for me !
The following year, I got more exuberant with red and gold. I bought lots of golden metallic sponges and used the external fabric for the cut out boots and handbags.
I used silver sponges for the cut out Christmas trees
One of my favorites is this trio of cards which I named Las Vegas Holiday cards. I also liked the idea that people would buy a black card for the holiday.
This season, the buyer chose the rosette and dollar models in red and white

This afternoon, as I was revisiting these former cards collection, I unpacked former Valentine cards from 2003. It made me feel nostalgic and reminded me that I need to speed up on Valentine cards.....Making love cards is definitely one of my favorite activities !
ps : I'm sure you all have noticed by now that I've been really bad with my etsy shop. It's too late now to put any holiday cards but I promise to put up the Valentine cards !


Joyful said…
So sorry to hear of the closing of the stationary department. It is a big loss to you and to them and the many people who bought your cards there. I peep into your Etsy shop now and then :-0
Joyful said…
Merry Christmas Lala to you and your cherie.
Patricia said…
What an amazing designer you are, and how sad your former clients will be when they arrive to find their favorite line of cards unavailable!

As always, thank you for sharing your amazing talents.
David Engel said…
Hi Lala,

Your works look beautiful as usual! I hope you've been well and are anticipating a pleasant Holiday.


vicki archer said…
Lala, these cards of yours are exquisite. Have a happy weekend, xv.
Simply Mel said…
These are gorgeous...seriously, I can not choose a favorite!
Sad news about Le Bon Marche. Do you think it is because people do not buy cards as much as they used to? It is sad to think that the art of writing is decreasing. But I vow to keep it going from my end! Valentine's Day is my FAVORITE holiday of the year! It is very special and dear to me in more ways than one.
Linda Sue said…
Lovely all! You will have no problem selling everything you make I am sure even if the Bon closes it's card shop. Your style is fabulous, Lala!
Wishing you a happy Christmas!
studioJudith said…
Lala --
Each of these cards is a remarkable piece of art. How fortunate for the few who found them in their mailboxes!
I see you've used that wonderful deco image of the lady on skis , which I featured in a previous post. What a magical fairy tale she is ... . love the oval treatment.
I just posted some other Deco Divas you might enjoy.
Oh that is sad they are closing the card dept. You do really lovely work, thank you for showing us some of your previous work too.
Mélanie said…
Je m'étais rendu compte que tu n'avais pas été très assidue avec ta boutique etsy. Je suis passée plusieurs fois par là bas et je n'ai rien trouvé ...je suis sure que tu vas te rattraper avec les cartes de la saint valentin.
les cartes avec le dollar sont très sympas
Ana Gonzalez said…
Realmente preciosas tus tarjetas. Te felicito por tu creatividad. Siento lo de ese cliente, pero les has preguntado si te pueden ellos recomendar a alguien, me refiero a otras tiendas de su misma categoria, ya que ahora no serian su competencia puesto que van a cerrar ese dpto.
I love the Vogue ones. This reminds me that I need to send more cards...and write more letters. Email is just not the same--it truly does affect how you write.
Christina said…
You make the most beautiful cards. So beautiful!
Relyn said…
Your work is so beautiful. And, I love, love, love the Vogue images cards.
maría cecilia said…
Lala!!!!! todas estas tarjetas me parecen una obra de arte, me fascinan!!! extraordinarias!!!
Maria Cecilia

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