Carmen Books in Granada....where you can while away the hours

Out of curiosity I pushed the door of a very tiny bookshop in calle Matias in Granada and found myself quite at home. Not that my home is filled with books and marvelous ancient editions which have this lovely specific smell of old paper. I wish though...What I mean is, once I entered, I just had to stay for a while, put my bag on the floor, take out my reading glasses and pick one book after the other. I was a bit afraid the owner of the shop would mind my leafing through them. So I quickly set my mind on a nice edition of Sense and Sensibility. When I turned to the owner who was quietly seated in front of his computer, I could see that he was so absorbed in his task that actually he wouldn't have minded if I had picked all the books on the shelves. He spoke to me in Spanish as expected but I could spot the English accent and in the end, he reckoned, well yes I'm an English Granadino. I found the phrase quite cute. And to my own shame, when I asked him, oh and is this a new shop, he smiled and answered, well it's been 10 years now....You see, silly me thought I knew nearly all the nice little shops in Granada...
We chatted a bit until a customer entered. Being blogwise camera armed I had to take a picture of John, the very cool shop owner of Carmen's books (on the right) and of his customer whose hat I quite liked.

Don't you like a bit of order and disorder in a bookshop? Now that I think of it, Carmen's books reminded me a bit of Shakespeare and Co. in Paris. When I was an English student, I loved spending afternoons there. Yes, that's it. I found this same feeling of tranquility and the love of books.

Work wise, I'm as ever in a romantic mood. If you're curious to see what I'm doing right now, go here !

Carmen Books

Libreria de Antiguo y Ocasión
c/ San Matias 10 - Granada
tel 958 22 73 42


M said…
Ok, when I visit granada again I must definately either read all your blog entries or directely ask you for advice :D
I live in extremadura, near Cáceres...have you ever been here? If you haven´t, I strongly advise the visit. Cáceres is a beautiful small city and extremadura has such beautiful places to visit....
Elisa, Croatia said…
Well, I will say I'm glad you had your camera ready because these photos are amazing. I feel as if I'm there. You captured the essence of the bookstore. I too share a love for books.

Simply Mel said…
I don't think I could ever leave this bookstore! It is gorgeous - so perfectly unorganized and filled with charm!

What a lovely discovery.

David Engel said…
Hello Lala,

From the blizzard in Bethesda I wanted to let you know how much I liked the tilting books. Looks like my book & CD filled apartment.

Best to the Best,

Having just come from the new style bookstore which is all about slick marketing, this is a most enjoyable post about books, real books in real bookstores. Lovely.
DolceDreams said…
I too could spend hours there! I just love books, bookstores, and can lose myself completely in them. I really love that my eldest son is exactly like me, I have to pry him out of the pages of a book to eat, sleep, anything!
In particular OLD bookstores are the nice that you made this discovery!
Thanks for stopping by...crazy car, no? I love it!
I'm sure you'll be a regular visitor now. What a wonderful shop! I was thinking 'Sense and Sensibility' today. I searched for my CD of the soundtrack this morning. All my classical CD's were missing for months (one of those 'Let's clean up and put things in a safer place where I'll never find it' modes) and I finally found it - Under the bed! The soundtrack is really soothing. I'm off to see what you've been up to. Enjoy your week, Lala.

Theresa Cheek said…
I can just smell those books! There are some beautiful spines on those shelves...thanks for letting us get a peek inside.

Tracy said…
I loved this posting about the tiny book shop, and the description of books and books and books and the smell of paper.

Here at our house we are little bibliophiles ourselves and we have books in every room. Some on shelves, some on tables, some on the floor, stacked waiting for a new home to be found.

Thank you for sharing your find with all of us!! :)
Spangle said…
I love those sort of book shops, they have so much character. I could spend hours in that shop!
Lynne said…
my idea of heaven!
Oh goodness, I thought I died and gone to heaven. What treasures!

Don't you just love the smell of the books?

Should I say I am Asian Granadino? :-)
Susana said…
What a fabulous bookshop! Ya no quedan muchas librerías así... qué bonita!
Sara said…
Ah, that is a wonderful little shop, thanks for the tour. So that is where you got your copy of Sense and Sensibility...I could spend a long time in there, even though I can't read doesn't really matter where books are concerned (not much anyway!)
Ana Gonzalez said…
Lala eres un encanto y te tienen que nombrar embajadora turistica de Granada en el mundo, porque describes la vida de Granada con tanto cariño y detalle, que la gente que te lee, le entran deseos de visitar la ciudad. Yo conozco Granada, estuve ahi en mi viaje de novios y me encanto. Yo tambien soy andaluza, de Cadiz, la ciudad mas antigua de Europa ¿La conoces?

En estos momentos no tengo prevista ninguna exposicion. Gracias por tus amables palabras.

Un beso
Kitty Shepherd said…
This is really interesting, I think I met this man in Granada when there was a book fair on the area outside the theatre. He didn't reveal himself as an Englishman and in fact he didn't speak, but I detected that he could perfectly well understand my chatter to Andrew as we searched through the titles. I will go and find him when I eventually get back. I seems like a long time we have been in England but I suppose it has only been a month and a bit. We are heading home in a week or so.
Anonymous said…
Discovering a cool bookshop is such a great feeling.

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