Festival retroback in Granada

Siempre nos quedara Granada....We will still have Granada. I don't know what Bogart would have said about this ad for Spanish beer Cruzcampo but I found it quite amusing.

Granada is hosting its annual retroback festival of classical movies until next week. It's a great opportunity to watch good dear old movies like The African Queen, The Big Sleep, Casablanca, All about Eve, Funny Face and many more. On sunday, Monchéri and I went to theater Isabel La Catolica to watch Singing in the rain. It was actually quite a rediscovery. We both saw it when we were teens but it was especially great to see it in the cozy and elegant decor of a classical theater. We had such a fantastic time. Also we appreciated seeing it in the original version as here movies are usually dubbed. Monchéri was fascinated by the performance of Donald O'Connor who was indeed a fabulous dancer. I was fascinated by Gene Kelly, of course but I was impatiently waiting for the magical apparition of the gorgeous Cyd Charisse. The audience was cheerful and clapped at each end of the dancing numbers. When we left the theater, still giggling and singing, we both agreed this movie will never age. Although I'm not a 100% fan of musicals, with the exception of Funny Face and Huit Femmes (Eight Women), I must say Singing in the rain is definitely a must-see, a must-song and a must-dance. I can even confirm it gave me enough peps to start the week singing in spite of the rain or rather because of the rain.

One of my fave pink scenes after Debbie Reynolds pops out of the cake
I adored the fashion vignettes
And the marvelous Cyd Charisse
Have a sweet monday !

With Valentine coming soon, I've just started a series of posts titled Simple romantic breakfasts on my other blog Un mariage au soleil, get in the mood for love here !

Festival retroback in Granada : www.retroback.es
until february 14th


sinnlighet said…
Hello my friend!

Today it was a nice & lovely retro spirit on your post ..

Oh..Garbo, Redgrave, Bergman, Bacall, Hepburn, Grant, Bogart,...
they were so glamorous, weren't they?
Speakingof classical movies, I watched Murder on the Orient Express last night.
Oh my, how do you have these screen godesses in one movie setting?
re girl, interrupted - it is a link. You should click that link and find out :-)
alette siri ane said…
What a fun thing to do.I am exploring Spain ,and learning Spanish,you have given me so many ideas thankyou!
Anairam said…
I just love old movies. PS I think Bogey looks quite bemused at finding himself on a travel poster!
Elisa, Croatia said…
Oh I love watching classical movies. Thanks for your link on the Romantic Breakfasts, I'm heading there now.

A Mexican Chica living in Europe
Mélanie said…
J'adore ces films si glamours
Lynne said…
looks like fun! also adore the copper lid re-do! brilliant!
Dulce said…
Qué lindo...cuánta frescura--- NO doubt yours is a castle in the most beautiful part of Spain> YOU!
Don said…
Gotta love the old films!
M said…
I didn´t know they had that festival in Granada...cool. Oh, huit femmes was great :D I like watching musicals, but I must confess I must be in the right frame of mind.
We do need some Singing in the rain spirit this year ;)

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