Parador San Francisco in Granada

This is the place I would like to live in, at least a few months to fill my days with such inspiring beauty. Alas, the parador is not a cheap hotel but believe me, just one night would suffice for me. Last saturday, I could only take photos of the patios and the gardens, as I need to meet the manager of the hotel during the week so that he can show me the dining room and lounges. I'm sure it will be a wonderful venue for small celebrations.

This former convent built in the XVth century is actually very romantic. It was a promise made by Catholic King Fernando and Queen Isabel to build a convent for the Franciscan order once they put an end to nearly seven centuries of Moorish domination in Spain in january 1492. The convent was built on the site of a former Nazari palace, with gardens and baths, surely the property of a Nazari prince. The Franciscans settled there in 1495 and a chapel was placed in what had been the center of the Moorish house.

You can have a drink at the hotel's café and stroll in its splendid gardens facing the refreshing scenery of the Alhambra.

Blissful isn't it ?


Simply Mel said…
It is stupendous! I'm keeping this in my 'must stay/see' file!
Diana said…
This is so gorgeous, and I did a double take, because the feel is so similar to parts of Balboa Park in my native San Diego. It makes me homesick.
Laura Hegfield said…
Truly exquisite...I think one day and night in this place (with my beloved of course) would fill me with pleasant memories for the rest of my life!
Mélanie said…
C'est magnifique ... les jardins, les pierres ...superbe ..un endroit de rêve
Susana said…
Cada vez que veo tus fotos me dan unas ganas terribles de ir a Granada!
I would love to stay in a Parador someday. I was in Granada, about 5 years ago. I don't think I fully appreciated the Alhambra back then, so hopefully can make a return visit. Loved Granada and love your header picture.
Lia said…
Your going to hate me, but we have stayed there.
We didn't like it. We found it to be dark and gloomy, cold and oppressive and in fact I asked my partner if we could move hotels, which we did.

The room wasn't all that special as far as we were concerned to be honest. We both felt that we had stayed at better hotels than this one and I certainly wouldn't want to go back there.

Told you you were going to hate me, not only have I stayed there, but I have the nerve to dislike it.
I hope we can still be friends lol.

Much love
Blissful, stunning, tranquil, gorgeous...I need an adjective dictionary. It's paradise. The perfect wedding venue.

Elle said…
What a pretty place, and I love the history... but I can also see how the interior might feel dark and gloomy as Lia said it was.... either way I wouldn't turn down a coffee in that courtyard :)
Elizabeth said…
So very beautiful , Lala.
One day I promise to come to visit your beautiful amazing Spain.
Much love from NY
Kristin said…
Soooo beautiful! The garden is really lovely! Thanks for sharing!

xo's Kristin
Denise said…
A beautiful place to visit, enjoyed your photos very much and my visit here. Thank you!
Anonymous said…
Looks like a great place to me Lala. One should never stay in old buildings if one doesnt like "dark". Would make a fantastic venue for your "planning" business.
Looking forward to your "spring" images ;-)
Tracy said…
How delightful!!!

I have always loved ancient stone buildings--castles, monasteries, nunneries, cathedrals...all of that stone is so appealing and incredible beautiful. not to mention it is usually surrounded by the wilds or manicured gardens, as the case may be.

I'm definitely putting this on my list of places to stay.

Thanks for the share!! :)
Caroline said…
Wish I was there right now!
Elisa, Croatia said…
My favorite pic is the one of the gardens with the orange tree. Ah yes a beautiful place.

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