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My lovelies, I didn't mean to stay away from you for so long but as you might have guessed, life took over and work kept me busy these last few days. I thought I would share my big news with you. Do you remember, I told you last summer some people approached me and ask if I could plan their wedding in Andalusia ? Well at that time, I wasn't too sure and declined the offer. But then the idea of being a wedding planner in the region I fell in love with, became really attractive to me, although it can be quite a daunting task. I started another blog Un mariage au soleil (a wedding in the sun) - which some of you already know - while still working on the website. With the precious help of Monchéri, I gathered zillions information about suppliers, religious ceremonies, musicians and what not in our area. Having already worked for wedding planners in Paris as a designer, I knew more or less what the job implied. But I still spent numerous hours on Internet reading blogs of American wedding planners which honestly are the best to me and learning from them. And then, it happened. Before Christmas, I received an email from a French couple saying they want to get married in Granada. We exchanged regular emails and they flew over from Paris last week and we met. My first professional appointment as a wedding planner ! As you can imagine, I was impossibly nervous. I assailed myself with questions : am I wearing the right clothes ? do I know enough, what if I can't answer a question ? and so on...The day before their arrival, I left a little welcome package at their hotel and on d-day I picked up the couple at their hotel and we went for lunch in one of the most typical restaurants in Granada. The days after, we went visiting venues. They were absolutely charming and now with a big smile I can tell you that it went really well (meaning I think they will trust me to be their wedding planner). It is a bit early to say anything yet because the wedding will be in 2011 but it looks definitely promising.
I wanted to share this news with you because in a way I owe it to you. It suddenly dawned on me that in my moments of lack of confidence, before meeting my clients, I remembered some of the lovely and sincerely encouraging comments you wrote on the first post of my wedding blog. It was just a very quick flash or rather something like a misty cloud of love. You, my lovely blogging friends sent me these warm and precious waves of love and support. In those moments of doubt, your encouraging words were suspended in the air like little bubbles of love.
For this, I want to thank you and I want to hug you all in my arms !!
I especially want to thank my faithful blogging friends who always make me smile and always inspire me : Mélanie, Catherine, Melissa, Linda, Cherry Blossom Girl, Joyful, Susanna, Christina, Judith, Michael, David, Agneta, Vicki, Sarah, Elizabeth, Constance, Nathalie, Relyn, Se'lah, Lynne, Yoli, Cynthia, Gillian, Dutchbaby, Caroline, Maria Cecilia, Ry, Linda at lime in the coconut, Des.
I also take this opportunity to welcome my new followers. Thank you for being part of My Castle in Spain !

I wish you all a wonderful week end !


Anonymous said…
Congrats on your first wedding client, good luck! And may many more come your way:)
David Engel said…
Dear Lala,

I am so glad, and not surprised, that everything went so well. You have such a beautiful aesthetic. If I ever get married I hope you'll be in charge of the planning.

Much love to you & yours,

Joyful said…
Lala, my girl, what wonderful and exciting news. I have absolutely no doubts whatsoever that you are a born wedding planner and designer. You have all the talents and skills both natural and learned. Never fear. Go forward with love. Big hugs xx
Linda Sue said…
HOORAY! You are just the girl for the job! The couple has chosen wisely for their day in the sun! Well done, you! It is bound to be the best wedding EVER! You're beautiful and it shows in all that you do! HOORAY!
Caroline said…
Thrilled for you that all your hard work is paying off! Look forward to seeing the wedding details! Good luck - oh and love those masses of tumbling flowers!
Anonymous said…
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Mélanie said…
Quelle surprise de lire mon nom . Je ne sais pas si je t'inspire mais je peux te dire que pour moi tu es une grande source d'inspiration et bien plus.
Je ne me souvenais plus que tu avais rendez vous pour ton premier wedding plan. Je ne voyais plus de post sur ton blog et je trouvais cela bizarre.
Heureuse de lire que tout s'est bien passé...
vicki archer said…
This is so exciting Lala and I know you will be a brilliant wedding planner. Congratulations to you and have a wonderful weekend, xv.
Kristin said…
A very nice weekend to you, too! And, og my goodness, that sounded so exciting!! I wish you good luck on the project and can't wait to hear how things work out for you!!

xo's Kristin
Marianne said…
Congratulations! You deserve it more than anyone else :)

Are these beautiful pictures in this post made in Granada? They are just wonderful.. I can't wait to get there already. Counting days..

Anonymous said…
This is so exciting, Lala!
I'm sure you will be wonderful t this new enterprise.
Your good taste and warm interest will help make the wedding extra special.
Keep us all posted!

pouring with rain in NY

Hope Spain is sunnier and prettier!

I think they will be thrilled to have you. Your attention to detail will make their event so special. You were made to do this. Much success! XO
Susana said…
Felicidades Lala! Y muchísima suerte... seguro que se quedaron encantados contigo!!!

You should find customers in Japan... they love Spanish culture and the other day I watched a programme about foreigners living in Spain and they showed this Japanese lady who lives in Granada, she dances flamenco amazingly and she also works as an interpreter. She often interprets for Japanese couples coming over to Andalucia to get married! You should get in touch with this lady!!!

Thanks for mentioning me... you are fantastic and a true inspiration!
Don said…
Hey- that's great news! Congrats.
It's hard work but I'm sure you're going to love it. You seem perfect for the job!
Anonymous said…
I'm so happy for you. You have excellent taste and your blog has been a source of inspiration for so many of your readers, so I know that you will succeed with this new venture. Again, congratulations and I hope that you have a great weekend.
Patricia said…
Lala, Your heart is so big and your concern for detail so great, why on earth wouldn't you be the very best person on earth to help this couple. How fortunate they are.

Never hold your breath, just smile and dazzle them all!
Gina said…
Lala, Can you help, please. Looking for a Riad in Marrakech. If I remember corectly you featured a Riad in an earlier post. I know about the Peacock Pavilion, however, it may not be open when we are traveling to Marrakech. Do you have another suggestion? Your help would be very much appreicated.
Thank you,
Elisa, Croatia said…
Your blog is lovely, inspirational, I don't doubt that you will do an exceptional job for this couple. WOW how exciting!!
Tracy said…
Oh Lala!! I am so excited for you! You will do a bang-up job and no doubt it will be elegant and beautiful with the tiniest details well-attended to.
Congratulations and may you have many, many more such happy opportunities!!
Hugs!! :)
Sara said…
Lala, what exciting news! You've taken the first real step and it went very well - hooray! You have the eye and the sense of style to do this and all your hard work preparing will be put to good use too. I'll be watching for further developments as time goes by. I'm proud of you.

Lynne said…
Soooo happy for you! You are so talented and such a generous spirit! Best wishes my dear! And thanks so much for the gorgeousness here today - oh the flowers, the sunshine, the colour! It's clouding p here - more snow on its way!
Gina said…
Lala, thank you for the Marrakech recommendations. I knew that I could count on you.

The wedding you are planning will be sensational, no doubt about it!
Hope we get to see pictures.
Relyn said…
I am so excited for you!! Congratulations!!

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