Slowing down.....because it's monday

You might have heard before that things can be slow sometimes here in Andalucia. Last friday, I was waiting for a transporter to pick up my faulty camera and send it to Canon service department in Madrid. Around 8 pm, I suddenly realized nobody came but luckily Canon called this morning to apologize about this incident and that by all means the transportista will pass by this afternoon or...evening, meaning I had to cancel a visit in Granada.
So today, I'm posting this picture just as a reminder, that in spite of mondays and projects, it's always good to steal time to the agenda and literally venture through the meadows to catch at least five minutes of sunshine.
In the end, nothing beats the feeling of following one's own rhythm....
Happy slow monday to you !

pics : the goats in the village of Niguelas nearby


Simply Mel said…
I couldn't agree more ~ these images make my heart sing!

Have a wonderful new week!
Christina said…
same to you, my sweet. what glorious photos.
studioJudith said…
I'll be doing a bit of slow
gardening today ... . just enough to
get my hands covered in dirt and
remind me it's truly spring
(even if it's still a bit cold!)

Lia said…
Life is too short and precious not to steal time out for the meadows at times.

Lovely photos
much love
aguja said…
Thank you for the photo - memories flood in of my own goats in Ireland. I adored them!
Joyful said…
How wonderful that they called you to apologize. That is quite novel :-) I love your pictures and your words go along so well with them. It is a beautiful morning here and all is well.
Dulce said…
these pics really make me slow down... Thanks for sharing!!!

Oh the un in Andalucía always bright... so much light... Love it!
DolceDreams said…
And Happy Slow Monday to you too Lala! I see spring has sprung for you...tres jolie!
I wish sometimes that life was a bit slower for me...with kids it is challenging.
Have a great week,
Hmmmm. My monday just wasn't meadow walking slow. Nope.

Glad yours was!
Mélanie A. said…
Je suis tout à fait d'accord , et pourquoi pas un slow week ?
La Dolfina said…
Nice life!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'd love a Monday like that:)
sinnlighet said…
Dear dear Lala, wonderful that we both have the theme of animals, in our posts.

I hope hope hope your pillow VERY soon arrive to your, otherwise, PLEASE PLASE let me know!

By the way, my new job is good, I am a counselor and working with drug related problems.

Lots of love

Susana said…
Qué bonitas fotos... yo creo que no sólo Andalucía es lenta, pero TODA España! Jajaja! Disfruta del slow motion...
sinnlighet said…

I am soooo sad and soooo angry about the fact that you still are waiting on your pillow.

I've just talked to Elizabeth and let her understand that fact that I am disappointed about her.

She told me.... the pillow leave Sweden yesterday :((

I think it's so embarrassing and will compensate you in any other way if it's doesn't work with Design by E and Elisabeth!

I'm sorry sorry, but now I'm 'online'.

Anonymous said…
What a great post. I think the slow life is a great way to live.

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