Straight into summer clothes

In Granada, people usually say that spring doesn't exist or lasts merely a couple of weeks. From one day to another, we suddenly found ourselves in pre full summer. I felt like a fool walking in the village with my black leather boots this morning. As much as we are not prepared for long lasting rains, we are not prepared either to switch quickly from woollies to light summer clothes.
The roof terrace is now my favorite obsession. It claims for more flowers, more attention, more paint here and there. It is a small lovely space which cries out : Hey glorious days are soon to you'd better hurry up and do me up !
So it means more potting and may be colorful summer clothes for the chairs too...
With no reason, the idea of summer always makes me a bit nostalgic. It's a time when I think a lot about my childhood. My sisters and I were beyond excited at the thought of summer holidays as it meant travel and new encounters. Our parents took us to Spain many times, by the seaside. I must say summers in Andalusia are for me the best ever, not only because time is more elastic but also, life is pleasantly easy but we'll have more time to discuss that in the future....
In tune with my nostalgic sensation, I feel like re-reading Françoise Sagan Bonjour tristesse. I'm curious to know if you have a specific list of books to read this summer. Have you ?
And today is definitely my lucky day...I received a pretty cushion from Agneta's give-away and because she is so sweet and was concerned that I didn't receive the give-away in time she added another lovely surprise which is now hanging around my neck...Thank you Agneta ! I so wish I had my camera back to take a pic and show it to you...but later, promised...

Have a great sunny monday !

pic : my summer cards 2008


studioJudith said…
LoveLOVElove these cards!
Always great inspiration here in your world .... .
your spring sounds a bit like our spring - quite fleeting and it snowed last week on my new pink geraniums.
Now I bring them inside every evening for fear of losing them!

Joyful said…
I love the new cards and the delightful way you've woven them into your summer theme. As for books, I always have many on my list at Goodreads, a badge of which is located on my blog. I won't be running out of potential reading material anytime soon. Big hugs xx
Susana said…
OMG Lala! I LOVE those cards soooo much! Beautiful! You have an exquisite creative talent!

No list of books for the summer... we have a busy summer ahead (will tell you all about it!), but I always try to read, no matter how busy we are.

It is sunny and hot here too. People are swimming in the sea already!
Irene b said…
i just discover you blog: you are a rare woman with such a talent! love your work and your words!
ciao da firenze
sinnlighet said…
Hi Lala

Oh wow, I'm flattered and happy!!! And... I love love love those cards a lot!

Have a wonderful week my friend, and yes.... I will send you my homeadress!!

Lots of love

Don said…
Fun cards! You're letting it all hang out!
Kitty Shepherd said…
Hay LaLa I am off to London again next week but I am comeing back armed with design books for my roof terrace (a very difficult space but with a good view) so we H A V E to get together and get our pencils out and get designing!
David Engel said…
Hello Lala,

I'm enjoying these pics and thoughts of an Andalusian beach. I've been meaning to read Bonjour Tristesse. Maybe this summer is the time. Here we're still enjoying the Spring. I can do without the warmer temperatures.


Kristin said…
Those cards are so pretty!!! This summer I would have to read all the cookbooks I have bought and haven't had the time to go through! And afterwards I would have to make a lot of food! I work in a book store and love books, and it is very easy to buy a lot more than I get time to read!

XXXXX's Kristin
Karena said…
Lala, these are so wonderful! I love your art!!

Art by Karena
red ticking said…
i am so happy to have found your blog... so amazing... and i do love the cards... xx

love your sense of humor as well... black boots ..i cant help to wear my uggs.... and it is springtime.. may try to wear them a little longer.. oh well, pamela sue anderson wears hers with her bathing suit! he he
vicki archer said…
Enjoy the sunshine and warm weather Lala...they are just the cutest cards, xv.
dutchbaby said…
Lovely, lovely, lovely cards. Especially the first one with the stiletto and matching purse!

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