Between two styles : hesitation

You could see many women wearing flamenco dresses in the streets of Granada, last saturday as it was San Isidro fiesta. Some wore the traditional dotted dress with a red carnation or rose in the hair and dangling earrings.
When I passed by the woman below, I smiled at her and she smiled back but then I got too shy to stop her and ask for a picture so I quickly took this pic of her just to show you her suit. I quite like the simple line and frills at the bottom of the skirt.
As I followed her in an attempt to make another closer shoot, I found myself face to face with this lovely white dress by Red Valentino
And this other one by Adolfo Dominguez....
Dots...frills or a simple white dress....My heart hesitates

Talking about dresses, read blogging friend Catherine's dress story on artist Ingrid Mida's blog Memories of a dress (a very inspiring blog title to me) and share your story of your favorite dress !


These outfits are very extravagant and glamorous. This is why I love being in Spain. The Spanish celebrates dress in such a colourful and feminine way;-)
Kay said…
Dress me up and call me pretty! Love them all!
I love them all, but especially that very chic Adolfo Dominguez. Stunning! Merci, for the nod Lala. I love Ingrid's blog title too.
Catherine xx
Mélanie A. said…
je crois que pour moi ça dépend de mon humeur , je peux autant apprécier une robe flamenco si glamour qu'une jolie robe blanche qui a l'air simple mais qui est sexy.
La Provence n'a pas encore accueilli le printemps , ce week end était venteux , il faisais un froid de canard
Susana said…
I love those white dresses!
Joyful said…
Lovely dresses all. I can "see" all these dresses on you. You would look fantastic.
Elisa, Croatia said…
I loved all the dresses,especially the first white dress. off now to read your friend's post.
DolceDreams said…
I love this post Lala! I see you have some sunshine finally. One thing I remember about Spain is the dresses in the windows...somehow the Spanish women, to me, have a unique style to them (and not just the flamenco!).
I too read Catherine's post on Ingrid's new blog and am so intrigued! I thought of a dress but have to find it.I had just heard of the book "My Mothers Clothes", and then in LA there was just an article in the paper about "My Mothers Shoes",a memoir of a woman that passed on 250 of the most killer to die for designer shoes to her daughter, who is very green and only wears Birkenstocks...needless to say clothes and women have been not only on my mind, but worldwide (surprising? No!)
Enjoy your sun and one of those gorgeous white dresses!
Like (my love) flamenco :)
Bonito said…
Esos vestidos tienen un encanto único.
Deben costar una fortuna no?
La Dolfina said…
I miss Spain. I must return to Spain soon! That Adolfo Dominguez dress is perfection. Please buy it and wear it for us!!!!
lynnie said…
my most favorite shoes in the whole world are my red galliardo's and when i put them one my world is transformed...thanks for sharing lynnie
I love the white dress in the last picture (simple and classy) but also the traditional flamenco ones, I guess they all have their place and occasion... Oh, and I'm now a follower ;-) Love from London x
aguja said…
Yes! Yes! I do so agree that to live in Spain is a wonderful style experience. Even in my local 'Salo de Té' I am often mesmerised by the stylish mode of the clientele..... and the dressing of the clothes' shop windows ... I shouldn't be driving at the same time! And, I love the white dresses. Again, yes, do buy one!

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