Market day in my village and the shop around the corner

Wednesday is market day in my village. It's a bit windy today and when I got there by 12.30am, half of the stalls were already gone. I just had time to pick up a couple of lettuces and cauliflower and luckily the flower stall was still there. I bought another pot of pelargonium - always welcome in the patio -, more thyme too and a pot of pink bougainvillea.

Here are my plants waiting for me to take them home. I already fear the bougainvillea will not resist in winter, as it needs sun and warm weather.
On wednesdays, some people in the village leave their door open and sell fruit and vegetables from their own orchard.
On my way back home, I stopped at my now favorite shop, just round the corner. Its owner is a very charming man in his late sixties who sells plants, seeds, garden tools, pots, baskets and hats. This past week, I've been there nearly everyday. We're good friends now. We talk about gardening. I don't really have green fingers so he's a great help and counselor.
The other day, he talked about his daughter who lives in Holland and has olive trees in pots in her house to remind her of Andalusia. How sweet !


Susana said…
I love market days! Ours is on Fridays...

Thanks for the message, Lala and the good wishes. We are sooo happy!
Everything is so spring-y! So charming that people can leave their doors open to sell the fruit from their orchards. That would be impossible here... you would be cleaned out of house and home. I did some potting this week too and wish I'd had one of those straw hats...was 90 and very humid and it is only May!
Lovely post, as always, Lala -
Catherine xx
Loui said…
I miss Market day..
the Churros frying,
quickly lifted out of the hot oil,
wrapped in a paper cone,
sprinkled with cinnamon sugar..
and eaten hastily..
washed down by Cafe con Leche Grande..
con azucar cubes..
now ready to shop!
warmest hugs, laughing smiles..
Hi! :-)
Your blog is fantastic!
And yuo have wonderful photos!
I will follow your post with a great pleasure :-)
vicki archer said…
A lovely market Lala...I would want all those gorgeous plants, xv.
Linda Sue said…
I would so love to follow you through the market- buy a straw hat and something good for tea in the evening. The green doorway with oranges is such a splendid shot! Beautiful are in which you live.xxxooo
Diana said…
The sunshine in these photos is so's rather cold and dreary just now.

I have thought of growing some kind of citrus in a pot to remind me of California...I relate to the olive tree :-)
Sara said…
I remember how much you love pink! And I notice that pink hat in the shop around the corner...did you buy it?

Thank you for taking us to the market with you. Such pretty colors everywhere.
beautiful pictures... It must feel great to have your camera back. Its been cold here .. so your pictures were a most welcome sight.
Mélanie A. said…
J'adore cette boutique du coin de la rue ... Ces couffins , ces sombreros ... Un vrai paradis
Merisi said…
Thank you for sharing those wonderful market places with us! Nothing beats local and purchasing from the growers themselves is a joy. Luckily, there are large and small places here where one can get locally grown produce. Right now, farmers are selling the local white asparagus from little road stands, soon strawberries and cherries will be available again!
Ah, everything is so cheerful and positive. The green door, the hats, the flowers, the spirit of this post. Take me to your castle in Spain, please;-)
Don said…
Delightful market day photos!
sinnlighet said…
Dear Lala,

Sometimes it feels as I belong to your Spanish family & world. I love your sensual pictures and our friendship.

I also love love my new books that you've created for me!!

Lots of love

Leif Hagen said…
You have a yummy blog of delicious photos, colors, foods..... ahhhh!
Kind regards from EAGAN daily photo blog in Minnesota, USA
Anonymous said…
Dear Lala,

A friend of mine told me you wrote about your blog and about this entry. The owner of the shop you speak about is my father and I am the daughter who lives in Holland! You cannot imagine the big smile this entry put on me! thank you for your nice words and pictures!

Muchos besos desde Holanda!

La ilustradora de princesas

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