Indecisive week end

Do you have days like this when you plan to do something but then comes laziness, rain, more laziness and you end up not knowing what you want to do ? Well, this was more or less how I spent last week end, in a phase of indecisiveness. At least, nature follows its course and I was so pleased to say hello to my very first lavender flower in the patio this morning. I actually wanted the type of lavender my mother grows in her garden in France but well this one is nice too. The truth is my knowledge of the different types of lavender is very poor, so of course I got mixed up with the names.
I didn't have the pleasure to see Monchéri painting the patio, like last week as we had rain which forced us to retreat inside
Saturday morning my friend Ellie invited me to join her at a private hairdresser's from London who now lives in the Lecrin valley and is brilliant with scissors and layers. I declined but then regretted it. Instead, I read a book written but the most famous Spanish hairdresser Luís Llongueras about his encounter with Salvador Dalí in the 60s and their ongoing friendship and collaboration (Dalí ordered him the famous giant wig for his Mae West room) until the painter's death. It reads pleasantly, just like a very nice and lively conversation with your favorite hairdresser.
When the sun came back on sunday at 6pm, I felt the urge to grab a broom and clean compulsively. Well it only lasted one hour. I can't see the connection between dusting and Sex and the city, but there I was, spending the next hour toying with the idea of rushing to Granada to watch Sex and the City2 (even dubbed in Spanish). The idea was far from attractive to Monchéri. Ok, I must say after reading some critics I wasn't too keen but the girlie in me wouldn't mind the fluff and the glamour.
Anyway, we were seated in the bookroom downstairs in front of my favorite painting, an abstract representation of a garden by English artist and friend Stuart Briggs. And I thought, this painting deserves to be in a nicer place. Yes but where ?
Upstairs, the colors are all mute and various shades of brown and ivory.
In the end, I nagged Monchéri to hang the painting in my workshop but it didn't work either so it went back to its original place. And we both concluded that at present time, it would stay there. Just like the hats which have nothing to do in the kitchen but I love them there!
Here's to a great beginning of the week !


David Engel said…
Hello Lala,

Your weekend kinda sounds like my day today. I've been cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, reading Murakami, listening to music... Not really all that productive. I guess every day can't be filled with great achievements. Nice seeing your beautiful home.

Jenny said…
Looks like Monchéri is making a bit of a mess painting the patio - bless him! Just love reading your blogs and your photography is outstanding,thank you.
Bonjour Lala. Aw, I have to say that your post made me smile. I too have days/weekends full of "picture re-hanging" - which then end up in the same place they started, toying with the idea of seeing a film - then deciding against it - then thinking maybe I should... and I'm driving myself mad with that kind of indecisiveness, until I decide to just go with the flow. Then peace returns and I can enjoy the freedom of not having anything planned :-) Hope you have a great week and the weather is better now in Andalucia (still rubbish here). Love from London x
sometimes you just need a lazy day ... and nature forces us to take it!!

Love the hats! HHL
Its the weather that makes us restless, its been raining and gray here for days and it makes me so unproductive and indecisive. Of course, I could start on that big closet purge but that its a winter job isn't it? You must go see the movie, it is great fun. XO
Mélanie A. said…
je comprends ce que tu veux expliquer , moi aussi il y a des jours où le mauvais temps agit sur mon moral et la lascitude s'installe. Je veux moi aussi aller voir Sex and the City , j'irais un soir de match avec ma mere
Susana said…
We have been doing a million things in one day too... a bit too hectic at the moment!
D e g a i n e said…
This is a beautiful blog you have here. Great writing too!

What a suave hat collection. I love the jazzy one on top. Moncheri has great match your own, of course.

Catherine xx

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