Tomatoes RAF for ever....

I was tempted to say, right now I live on air, water, love and tomatoes Raf...But you wouldn't believe me, would you ? Yet, one thing is true. Since I discovered this type of tomato at Antonio's shop in Granada, I have them all the time. Salads, pizza, gazpacho, tomato sauce...I see my little reserve depleting with a bit of anxiety. I now ask my friends who grow their own vegetables if they grow this type of tomato and the answer is invariably no. You see, like Antonio explained, you need a certain soil to produce them and apparently, Almeria is the best area to grow them. I promise you their natural sweetness is incredible!
In fact I could even have my pizza with raw tomatoes. I like to make minimalist pizzas. I brush some olive oil on the base, place the tomatoes, sprinkle some thyme, a bit of salt and add very little cheese in the end and basil.
but well, Monchéri prefers it baked

I make gazpacho by processing a dozen of medium tomatoes, one small cucumber, a medium red pepper, one onion, salt and pepper. I forgot to add a bit of olive oil but it was delicious even without.
After you finish processing the ingredients, add a few ice cubes to keep the preparation cool and make it more liquid.

I thought perhaps you would like to know more about this Spanish Rolls Royce tomato.
Here is some information I found on this site:

"The Raf Tomato

The Raf tomato plant is not a hybrid or a new variety as it was first cultivated in the sixties and seventies. However, it matures and deteriorates very quickly and, as a result, it has not been cultivated on a commercial level until more recently.

The Raf is visually recognisable due to the creases or wrinkles in the skin and its colour which varies between green and red. It is mostly known, however, for its sweet taste which is reminiscent of how tomatoes used to taste "in the good old days".

The Raf tomato varies depending on whether it is grown in autumn, winter or spring. In autumn the fruit is a flattened but rounded shape and is nicely firm. In winter it is flattened and the skin is full of creases and is a very dark green colour. Experts believe that winter is the best time to eat this variety. In spring it is flattened and smooth and it loses some of its characteristic colour as well as some of its firmness.

The Raf is a unique product that is produced in Bajo Andarax and Campo de Nijar, in the province of Almería (Spain). "


I love this post about tomatoes. I grew up in N.J. and Jersey is well-known for its tomatoes. The ground is black and sandy which makes for a delicious crop. I would share a pizza of Raf tomatoes with you anyday, Lala.
Catherine xx
Caroline said…
What a simply delicious post. My mouth is watering - there's nothing like freshly picked, warm, sun ripened tomatoes! YUM!
Linda Sue said…
We have had too much oa a good thing with tomatoes...your pizza looks enticing...very!
Joyful said…
I have not heard of this Raf tomatoe before. It sounds good and the pizza and gazpacho look delicious and yet so simple. Simple things; they are the best.
This reminds me of my post last week on Tomatoe soup. Am not too keen on pizza and cold soup. I prefer soups warm rather than cold.
Such delicious photographs, dear!;)
Dorte said…
Your beautiful post about Antonio´s fruits made be buy some raf tomatoes when I was at the market in Málaga the other day. I agree with you - they are so good :)
Your pizza look delicious too.
dutchbaby said…
I never met a tomato I didn't like. I planted ten plants this spring because the horticulture department, where I'm enrolled in Floristry classes, was selling heirloom tomato plants as a fundraiser. Your tomatoes raf look delectable. I wouldn't be able to choose between the raw and baked pizza so i'd like a half piece of each, please. And I'd love to taste the gazpacho too, if there's a drop left.
I just ordered a pizza last night with just tomotoes and basil and everyone kept asking if I wanted something else on it........they don't know what they are missing with a "plain" pizza. I live in the tomato capital of Canada so we do love and know our tomatoes here. Yours look so delicious and you must be a good cook. Much love XO
My mouth is watering as I comment! What a tasty post...

This is one reason to add in favour of selecting Granada, as a contender for are Europe trip next year!!

Have a great day my friend.
Simply Colette said…
That look amazing! I've been wanting to try tomato bread soup for while, and that pizza looks yum. Great lace making post too!
aguja said…
Love the RAF tomato post! I hope to find some one day on my travels through Spain and to taste their sweetness .... Almeria is not far from here.
Fantastic photographs!
Oh my goodness...this looks so delicious and healthy! Yummie....Yum, yum!!!!
Gina said…
Dear Lala, Would you please put a few RAF tomatoe seeds into one of your fabulous cards or little notebooks and sell them on
Etsy. The I can grow them in my garden next year.

I'm so glad that your camera has been repaired. Your photographs are outstanding.
Elisa, Croatia said…
I also enjoy a Margarita pizza. simple and delicious. Good idea by Gina,
renilde said…
Yummi ,sounds and looks good,i'm a great tomatolover too,i would love to grow them in my greenhouse.
Kristin said…
Oh my goodness, that pizza looks way too good!!! It's a good thing I am headed for Italy soon!! Have a great day!

Kristin xx

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