My sister's last email made me laugh. She asked me if we could sleep at all with the World Cup. The truth is since Spain made it to the semi finale and won the match vs Germany last week, things are now getting very serious. So serious, that even me, with my poor knowledge and limited interest in football, feel nervous about the match tomorrow Spain vs. Holland. In the village, kids wear the colors of the Spanish team. People in their car, blow the horn for any reason. Spanish flags hang from balconies as a sign of support to the national team. People are happy. There is joy and excitement in the air and all this is due I think it's a bit pathetic but well I've decided to be bon sportif and go with the flow. We were planning to go to a concert tomorrow evening but instead we're going to our friend Laurent's pancake place where he set up a giant screen to see the match. If I feel bold enough, I'll wear my red hot pants just to show I can be a good supporter ! And I'll stick to my favorite summer drink, the tinto de verano, (summer wine) a mixture of lemonade and red wine. At the beginning, the French in me found it quite bizarre to mix a good red wine with fizzy lemonade but in the end, it was surprisingly refreshing. This is all you need to prepare it : red wine, fizzy lemonade, lemon slices, ice cubes. Generally, it's half wine, half lemonade but it all depends on your personal preference. Me, I like it with plenty of ice cubes and thick lemon slices. Cheers !

Have a fabulous week end!


Red wine with lemonade? Sounds very Spanish to me. lol. Have a nice weekend;-)
Spangle said…
I recently discovered 'Tinto de verano' and I love it! It's so refreshing and the non-alcoholic version is just as good.

It's summer in a glass.
I say wear those RED pants my friend... Show them you have spirit!!!

Hmm... that sounds like an interesting mix.. will have to try it!!

Have a great week-end .. May Spain win!!! After all - Portugal, Brazil, Argentina are out- Spain is like our cousin!!! :) So I'll be cheering for Spain!!! HHL
Joyful said…
The drink sounds and looks so refreshing. Best of luck to Spain!
Susana said…
Tinto de verano! yummy! Well, with all the recession, unemployment and problems in Spain at the moment, people need something like football to bring some spark to life! We will be watching it too and getting nervous as usual... cannot help it, I know it is just a game but... let's hope Spain wins!
Sara said…
Congratulations to Spain for winning!

Your wine drink does look very refreshing. I know I'd love it.
Agneta said…
magnificent, what a nice lala-mix!


Agneta, the swed.... one ;)
I love the color, too...I'd like a lipstick the color of your glass of tinto de verano, and a blouse, and a pashmina...

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