Happy birthday Christina !!

Today dearest blogging friend Christina is having a blog birthday party. If you don't know Christina yet, I invite you to meet her on her blog Soul Aperture. And surely, like me, you will love her and want to read more of her. This morning, I was trying to find out how long ago did our paths crossed in blogland. Oh it's been long ago ! Little by little, we became friends across the ocean. To say she's a beautiful person is a bit short or too easy. Christina's voice is unique. It's no cheap talk. It's all about feelings. It's about life. Real life. Her words ring true and I'm so sure her readers all want to give her a big hug after reading her posts and thank her just for being her!

So here's to you my sweet Christina, in honor of your birthday and your series of simple things which you happily celebrated on your magical blog....

If you were here, I would love to share some of my simple things with you.

This morning I would give you a colorful breakfast...(yes, we'll have some jamon serrano too!)
Before noon, we would head to the market in the village, walking through the narrow streets.

We would have lunch on a simple table, happily chatting and listening to the sounds of nature
Naturally, after lunch we would have a siesta in the shade
And we would spend the evening in harmony with nature, sipping refreshing cocktails and nibbling on cakes...of course...of course
Happy birthday Christina !!
and I wish you all a wonderful week end !!

ps : dear blogging friend Se'lah who's always doing a super job at connecting people organized this surprise simple things birthday celebration for Christina. She gathered Christina's friends to participate to the event. To see the list of friends participating, go here and enjoy the simple things !


La Dolfina said…
What a lovely day you have planned for your friend Christina! Just perfect... I can't imagine anything nicer than to spend a day with you in your Castle in Spain :)
Susana said…
What a beautiful birthday gift! Happy Birthday to Christina... will visit her blog, no doubt!
Marilyn said…
This sounds divine. Can I come along?
Elisa, Croatia said…
Lala! what wonderful beautiful post. What a lucky girl Christina is. I will visit her blog.

Happy birthday Christina!
Anonymous said…
This is the nicest thing I have ever read, you have planned a wonderful day for Chritina.
Don said…
What a fantastic gift!
Lala - what a beautiful day you planned!!! I'm sure Christina would be speechless at such loveliness!!! I popped over to wish Christina a Happy Birthday ... she has a great blog and I'll take a slice of that birthday cake please... ok and a red velvet cupcake , if you insist..LOL... happy week-end my friend!! HHL

P.S. - with all this wonderful food throughout BlogLand .. its a good thing it is all calorie free. :)
SE'LAH... said…
spending an evening in harmony with nature...
aaaaah, exhale.

one love, my sweet friend.
Christina said…
my sweet Lala,
You made me cry with all this beauty. I took each step carefully, in hoping one day, we will be there, together.
From day one, you have been there for me. Laughing or tears, you have always been by my side. You are the blessing of a sister, from heaven above.
I love ya!
rochambeau said…
What a FABULOUS party you have given beautiful Christina at your Castle, Lala!
It is a Simply wonderful day~ in every way. SO relaxing and peaceful and delicious!!
Thank you~

Gina said…
Dear Lala, what a wonderful friendship you and Christina have. I'm not surprised to see that his wonderful kinship has developed over the years. I can see, in both of your posts, so many similarities.
Let us know when your birthday comes around so we can "plan" a fabulous day for you.
Simonetta said…
lala querida,
faz tempo que não vinha aqui neste seu espaço tão lindo.que alegria voltar.adorei a sua nova e antiga tapeçaria e a receita de vinho de verão, vou experimentar quando o verão voltar pro rio de janeiro.a sua casa está linda!eu também não sou fanática por futebol , eu e todos meus amigos torcemos e vibramos com a vitória da espanha.
beijos, bom te rever tão bem.
Bonjour Lala, this is such a lovely post and the pictures to go with it are beautiful. You've chosen a very nice way to wish somebody a happy birthday like this. Off now myself to do Dylan's (my son who will be 12 tomorrow) birthday cake. Have a lovely weekend, Love from London x
Mélanie A. said…
J'admire ton rythme de vie espagnol , quel jour merveilleux pour celébrer l'anniversaire de Christina ....
Agneta said…
Nice Lala,

Your words about my home made me blush with joy .... thank you sooooo mutch!!

I have congratulated your friend, and now I want to enjoy & mingle around on your lovely blog for a while!

P & L

kathstewart said…
Margie and I are coming along on this visit! I have dibs on the hammock ....
what a beautiful post for Christina ...
Bonjour mon ami...

Lala .. I have left something for you on my blog ... you'll find it here: http://attitudeivlife.blogspot.com/2010/07/books-awards-and-give-away-gift.html

Wishing you a good week..HHL
Ily said…
Your simple things are simply beautiful. Jamon serrano, cillas afuera con buenas vistas...¿qué mas puedo pedir? España, un día te conoceré...si no, aquí me quedo conociendote por los ojos de Lala. :)

Happy Birthday to your friend, Christina! I will visit her blog soon.
Oh, I feel that I've landed in the realm of pure joy today. What a beautiful thing, this party for Christina. I'm enjoying the unbridled sharing of love on the part of so many well-wishers.

You are wonderful, Lala.
Stephanie said…
How wonderful that Christina was showered with love and fabulous parties for her birthday.

What a wonderful fete your threw here!!!


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