Lost in my tapestry

It's always a joy for me to receive emails from my readers. A few days ago, Erica who is a young tapestry student and just started a blog about her work asked me more details about my recently found tapestry at Salobreña fleamarket. Did I know its history, where was it made ? Alas I can't say because the seller herself couldn't provide much information. She assured me though that she had it expertised and said it was quite ancient.

Dating back from the XVIIth century, she said....Which seriously, I found it hard to believe as I paid (only) 100€ for it. I'm not a tapestry expert but don't you think an old tapestry should be worth more ?

Anyway, like I said before I loved it at first sight and on the moment, its being old or not wasn't that important.
No, at that moment, I was tortured at the idea of spending more money than I had allowed myself. I had left home with the strong determination of spending up to 70€ grand maximum and typical....This strong determination vanished as soon as I saw my tapestry.
You see, it makes me dream...I watch it and dream of being somewhere between Marrakech and Fes. Its ochre colours transport me to a caravan in the desert. Now that it's impossibly hot outside, I have my siestas here in on the sofa (sorry to speak about siestas all the time!) and before I close my eyes, I relish on its details, the crenellated wall, the palm tree on the left. I count the number of characters in it. I imagine a very soft breeze makes the tree leaves quiver....
My new find also inspired me to give an oriental touch to the living room. I think it goes well with my water carrier woman collages. I added some classical Moroccan poufs too.
The seller of the tapestry gave me this leather document holder which I love. It is from the 50s and was made as an advertising travel item.

My mind is in a caravan in the desert but I don't forget that today is July 14th...Bastille Day

So I wish a very happy 14 juillet to all my French and francophile friends !!


aguja said…
Happy Bastille Day!

I adore your tapestry. I also imagine thwe hours of stitching and what chat and discussion was woven round it as it took on its form.

Enjoy each day of gazing at it!
Joyful said…
Happy Bastille Day!
I love, love, love your tapestry and ancient or not, I think it is worth every penny. No pun intended, lol. I think it really makes your room. It really does.
That tapestry is wonderful and so reminds me of the desert, just beautiful, what a great find. Joyeux quatorze juillet to you too, Lala. Love from London x
Gina said…
Dear Lala, not only do I love your tapestry but I also love the way you are using it .... your room is beautiful and it is wonderful to get a little glimpse into your life.
Gillian said…

An exotic touch to your already dreamy palette...that tapestry is gorgeous.
LOVE it.
What beauty... that tapestry speaks, what a wonderful way to drift off to sleep dreaming of far away magical places. Happy Friday my friend..HHL

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