Seize the day

The roof terrace is tiny but man, does it take time to organize it.
Either we're busy with other things, either it's too hot up there to bring it to life.
This evening at last, Monchéri put a sofa-bed which I covered with a pale green fabric. I'm still looking for an old trunk to use as a coffee table.

And we still have to build a little pergola up there. I'm making small mirrors with driftwood (well I'm trying to).
Little by little, we'll make a cozy nest.

But just for now, I placed some beach mats on the tiled floor and threw a couple of Moroccan cushions for us to sit
and enjoy a pink Martini on the rocks with the leftovers of a taboulé salad.

Summer is too short not to seize the day !

ps :
my vision of the roof terrace is : straw mats on the floor, no table, poufs, white veils with yellow and turquoise small tassels, small mirrors with driftwood, a little pergola with a canopy of palm tree leaves over the sofa bed, low Moroccan tray-tables and a general palette of pink, orange and turquoise and pale green.....
this is all I think....Wish me Bon courage because as you can see, I still have way to go!

pics : me this evening


tinsel said…
You are enjoying life.So good to see.Take care.
Indie.Tea said…
I love the photographs, they look so lovely and warm and summer-like...
Isabella said…
Beautiful photos. Oh, I am so jealous of you and your Spanish life! <3

I don't know why my follow button isn't working on my blog. Hmm.
Joyful said…
Bon courage :-) I know you will do it and also enjoy life as it comes. Big hugs xx
Life is to be enjoyed!

Mon ami, I can't wait to see your vison come to life ... It sounds so beautiful... in the meantime , keep enjoying ... hugs..HHL
Linda Sue said…
Oh LaLa- i see that the two of you have been remembering to take your gorgeous person pills...Lovely!
Ah, so happy and bursting with love and flavour. Indeed, enjoy the day, my sweet blog friend;-)
Isabella said…
PS - What camera do you use?
Gorgeous photos, I'm really looking forward to seeing your whole vision come to life, it sounds lovely. Thanks for your comment on my blog, don't you just love the Camper Van and the dream car(s) ;-) Love from London x
Your roof terrace looks so cozy already with the colorful pillows, pink flowers and lovley salad and drinks...enjoy!
maría cecilia said…
Dear Lala, tu castillo en España està muy lindo y con influencias moras, què bello està todo!! vi un pedazo de sandía por ahí y me muero por comerlas!!! Hartos bellos paraguas y agua para esos días tan calurosos por allá.
maria cecilia
It's coming along beautifully, Lala. Those pillows are stunning!!

Catherine xx
Mélanie A. said…
J'adore ta mosaique de photos . UNe vrai mosaique du bonheur.
Christina said…
it looks lovely!
hugs to both of you... my sweets!
Tracy said…
Lala--truly sometimes you are my muse! LOL
I have been trying to "seize the day" at every turn this summer--to make it a life of joy and color.
My patio, however, is lacking and I haven't tackled it for a variety of reasons...too hot...and etc.
But you are must seize it at all costs before it is gone. August will be the month of the patio!!
Thank you as always for your inspiration! :)
Simonetta said…
que lindo Lala!!!
suas idéias combinam muito comigo!
geeeente, vai ficar lindo demais!
e vocês dois formam um casal bonito, forte!
toda sorte pra vocês,

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