The shoe repairer in my village

This is the little shop in the village where I take my tired shoes whenever they need a bit of pampering or new fresh heels.
I love going there. Its owner is an elderly man who talks sweetly to his customers.

This tiny shop is next to the fishmonger's. Most of its customers are women. They sit on the moleskin benches and happily chat away just as if they were in their own living room.
The owner and his wife don't mind really.
They're smiling and easy going just like most people here.
Me I like this shop because it's a place where time stands still.
It's so unpretentious, I find it quite refreshing in a way.
The owner told me, it hasn't changed since it opened in 1969. He and his wife try to keep up with fashion but it doesn't really matter to them.
They sell mostly sneakers, slippers and sandals.
I could see most of models are made in China.
But luckily they still sell the traditional cord Spanish flat slippers.


Joyful said…
Very nice to see the shoe shop. I'm wondering how much are those "crocs", the ones made of plastic with holes in them. We have them here also in prices ranging from $2.00 Canadian on a close out sale to over $40.00 but they are all plastic.

I used to have a pair of those traditional Spanish corder, actually more than one pair over the years but I haven't seen any around here for a long time.
Indie.Tea said…
The shoe shop sounds adorable. The natural shoes look lovely!
Yoli said…
I love the shoe shop y las sandalias tan linda, me hacen recordar. Cuidate linda Lala, mandandote besos y saludos.
Susana said…
The other day I was talking to my mum about traditional shoe and shoe repair shops and how they are (very sadly) quickly disappearing. There were a few around my mum's neighbourhood and now there is only one survivor! It is a shame...
Elizabeth said…
Dear Lala,
so sorry to have been so absent lately.
This was a lovely post.
For some reason shoe repair shops stick in the memory..........
I loved the flat soled summer shoes that we often call Espadrilles (maybe I spelled that wrong!)

We hope to go to Morocco oin Ferbruary
and one of these lifetimes I may actually get to SPAIN
to see you!
Hugs from New York
Gina said…
Dear Lala, Can you describe that strange painting in the first shot? I can't decide if it is a fruit, a vegetable or a fish.
Thanks for sharing your charming little shoe repair shop with us.
We have a fancy cowboy boot maker down the street. Since not many can afford his beautiful boots he is always willing to make a little extra money by repairing our old shoes and boots and anything else made of leather.
Kristin said…
Sounds like the most wonderful shop! Xo's
Don said…
Shoe shops tend to resist the advance of time. Instant nostalgia!
French Kissed said…
Spanish corders or espadrilles are my favorite shoes! I would love a pair in every color. Just bought a pair on my last trip to Paris that were made in Spain and they have hardly been off my feet all summer. I could walk for miles in them. Hope you are having a wonderful summer.

How lovely to find these little shops and places where times seems to stand still, so relaxing and calming - stop the world just for a little while. That's lovely... Love from London x
Croatian_Latina said…
Sounds like a heavenly place. I once visited a shoe shop when I lived in colorado and it's a charming place to visit.
I love the sandals.perfect for walks on the beach.
Hope you are having a wonderful week and eating lots of watermelon. (like we are!)

Isabella said…
This is so simple and so beautiful. I absolutely adore these shots!

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