On our way back From Portugal, we stopped in Madrid for one day,
the time for a quick visit to Museum Reina Sofia.

Madrid in summer is insufferably stifling.....
so it was very refreshing to pass by the green wall French botanist Patrick Blanc
designed for the CaixaForum building

Patrick Blanc is the amazing designer of vertical gardens which cover walls of buildings, hotels and shopping centers, all over the world

And he obviously likes green all over !

Bravo Patrick !

pics :
first 2 pics, me
last pic on Google


David Bockman said…
Very nice to see how this living wall is thriving-- longterm sustainability and health are topics which I see come up repeatedly when people are discussing Mr. Blanc's system.
Kitty Shepherd said…
What a fabulous wall! We are off early tomorrow morning on the Harley, first stop Merida!
Tucker said…
so incredible! love the use of space.

on a much smaller scale the anthro in Jackson, Mississippi has something similar that i always go gaga for.
Margaret said…
What an amazing idea for a garden! It's gorgeous. And I love his green getup!
My favorite grocery store is in Austin, Texas. It is the Whole Foods Grocery headquarters and it has two walls of plants that can be seen when riding the escalator. I have not seen anything as extravagant as the one you show. Beautiful!
renilde said…
This looks great,all those different textures and shades of green.Cuddly walls ,wonderful idea to bring some green into a city.
Your photoos are always beautiful,just beautiful.
Me necantan sus diseños,me parece una gran idea para los espacios urbanos,
Bss y gracias por tus visitas,
Now thats going green!!! .. We saw a building in Paris which had greenery that appeared to be growing out of the wall .. wonder if he was behind it... XO
Wishing you a great week mon ami!!
Scarlet Ily said…
Ooh, all that green is beautiful...even the artist's hair has life! :)
Joyful said…
Well I've never seen such a vertical garden. That is simply amazing. So green and wonderful in the midst of heat and dryness.
Gina said…
Even his hair, how wonderful!

Hi Lala, thanks for sharing.
Lushe said…
That living wall is looking good after so long.

Hi, Lala! Thank you for coming by Cloud of Secrets. Inspired by your comment, I wore ruffles yesterday, too -- not sure if I like any of the pictures enough to post them, though!

It is my pleasure to spread the word about your blog. I do so like it when bloggers share beautiful pictures of their real lives and happenings.

My goodness -- with a name like Patrick and with all that green in his work and on his person, I was sure he was Irish - not French!
Anulka said…
What a wonderful place. I wish I go there..., one day :-). I love your photos. Have a nice day. Anna
aguja said…
The wall is fantastic - an important addition to a city. Brave of you to visit in August - all the Madrilenas are down here on our beach!

'Good on yer, Patrick!'
Croatian_Latina said…
ha, I love the green hair, I do wonder if he was born on St. Patty's day.

My friends moved to Madrid over a month ago so I will have to forward this post to them.
Amanda said…
now this is really cool.......only in spain!
Caroline said…
Ah, the Green Man! I would love to see this wall!

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