My inspiration of this past week end

I'm still too shy to stop people in the streets in Granada and take a picture of them
Last saturday, an elderly man passed by me and I wanted so badly to make a portrait of him

He wore classical trousers, a white shirt and a hat. And the detail which I so loved
was a miniature bouquet of fresh aromatics herbs in his breast pocket

Such a great idea ! so refreshing in every sense

But then anyway, I didn't have my camera with me,
so instead I asked Monchéri to dress like this elderly man

Monchéri told me it used to be the fashion for men in the country side
to wear herbs in their breast pocket

And I say, let's revive this fashion !

edit to post
: talking about style, may I recommend you the very luminous blog Advanced Style

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Tucker said…
pleeeeease this trend has got to make a come back!
Anulka said…
I have some aromatic herbs in my garden. Should I ask my husband to wear them in his breast pocket? Why not? I'll try! ;-)
Susana said…
What a great fashion... my grandad did that sometimes too!
Joyful said…
What a delightful post! So glad you asked your cherie to reenact the scene. It is wonderful he is so agreeable to do so!
Kristin said…
Lovely!! I love the herbs in the pocket!! Have a great new week, Lala!!! xoxo
Mélanie A. said…
Ravissant. J'aimerais tellement que cela revienne au gout du jour
Kitty Shepherd said…
Hi Lala,
I have arrived in UK. I saw a girl on a balcony in Salamanca and it fits perfectly with this post on capturing the locals. See the series of photographs of the girl in red here. Telephoto lense is the answer!
How romantic. Love this.

I found you over at Mademoiselle Poirot and thought I would stop by.
aguja said…
I have wished exactly the same, especially of an old woman with a face that held so much history ...but did not dare and had no camera.

I love the idea of the herbs.
studioJudith said…
I'll vote for that revival !
There's something very earthy
and grounded about it -

Linda Sue said…
Much more masculine than posies and what lady could resist the fragrance? Yes, I say, bring back that fashion!
maría cecilia said…
Lala!!! què genial idea has tenido, tu moncherie podría usar en adelante esos ramitos de hierbas en su camisa!!!!
Me encantó que los hombres del campo usen las hierbitas así!!!
maria cecilia
Caroline said…
How beautiful - the idea of the pocket herbs and the photo of your lovely husband - the perfect model!
Hello there! I just discovered your beautiful blog through Veshoevius:). Your photos are incredible and make me feel like I'm right there! I'm definitely following:)
Bonjour Lala, ah, ton chéri looks wonderful with the hat and herbs. I completely agree, bring back old fashions with charm. Have a lovely week, Bisous & Love from London xo
Such a wonderful fashion, looks so good and I am just like you, I very rarely have the courage to ask people to photograph them, but thank God my husband is the total opposite and he usually asks and chat with people on my behalf..
Such a handsome country gentleman!
Catherine xx
colores said…
Me encantan las fotos de tu chico con las hierbas! perfectas!
un beso!
Don said…
I think you just did!
Well, if you missed the chance for the original shot, you did an excellent job of recreating the scene with tonchèri (right ?).

He makes an excellent model and the herbs in the pocket is something that I had not heard of.

Carla said…
Moi aussi. What a lovely habit. I love how the Greek men put a flower behind their ear. Kind of in the same vein. Totally gorgeous. Carla
Lau de Casalil said…
Si j'organisais des soirées chics je lancerais bien la tendance °lala pocket trend!!° J'adore!!!
Thomasina said…
Greetings from Dublin
Looks really great...I say bring back the fashion and the charm that goes with it :-)
In Chite in March - pop in for Tea !!.. Sorry missed you last time.

La Colmina /Chite

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