The other blue dress

I'm an incorrigible girlie girl.
When comes summer, suddenly I crave for a new piece of froufrou
and after having shown you my blue African dress
here is the other blue dress I wore on our little trip to Portugal
(3€ at our village market...oui oui)

Monchéri took this pic of me in Sintra
which reminds me I still have to show you pictures of this amazing place

but for now, I'm concentrated on the little pasteis Belem.
This is my goal this week end : to make those delicious custard tarts
or at least try !

Have a delightful and happy blue week end !!

pic : Monchéri

at Palacio da Pena in Sintra


David Engel said…
Hello Lala!

You look lovely as usual in your new blue summer dress. And your trip to Lisbon looked colorful and fascinating! I just may have to head there someday soon.


tinsel said…
A very pretty dress it is.You are lokking wonderfull and full of life .Life is good.I was up the road with little Alette.It did not rain,it poured.My lovely husband called the airlines,and now we come to Spain again.With family too!
Think I will try drying grapes.And figs hope it is time for them
Croatian_Latina said…
Love the colors in the background. they go well with your dress. and what a bargain you paid. wow.

have a wonderful weekend.

La Dolfina said…
Wow, you look beautiful. I love this photo. The Panama hat is perfection!
You look like a very happy traveler. Aren't those shoes the best? I found them to be great city shoes - clogs, too - and wore them all the time in NY. In fact, I think I'll pull them out of my closet and wear them today.

Enjoy your weekend, Lala -
Catherine xx
Flor said…
Estuviste cerquita de mi!!
Te gusto Sintra?

Mmmmmm pasteis de Belem son bien sabrosos.


studioJudith said…
Greetings dear Girly Girl -
You're looking eternally cool/ chic
and beautiful !
So happy to see you -
Gina said…
Dear Lala, A very pretty blue dress on a very pretty girl. And love the hat.
Joyful said…
Wow, Lala! You got a wonderful bargain on a beautiful little dress and you love marvellous :-)
dulce said…
Love the girl... and what stands behind her seems paradise... no wonder you keep a castle!
Lala - I love thie photo of you ..did I read right in are going to make some pasteis de Belem... I'll be right over..MMMmmmmm..XO HHL
Don said…
Beautiful in blue and a great hat too!
maría cecilia said…
Darling Lala, you look so great in that dress!!! and the hat adds a charming look... your moncherie must be completely in love with you!!!!
Kristin said…
A beautiful dress! I like your shoes also! Have a great Saturday, Lala! xoxo
aguja said…
I have returned home to the view of the blue dress. Wish I could have worn similar on my travels to Northern climes, but it was 'wrap up' weather. Am glad to be back, although socially it was great.
Mélanie A. said…
J'adore ta robe bleue , 3 euros j'ai du mal à le croire
Ah, how pretty and charming you look in your floral dress and hat.
Am wishing you a joyous and happy weekend with your Cheri;-)
Sara said…
A beautiful summery the floaty skirt with the handkerchief hemline. And what a scenic doorway you are standing in too. Enjoy the rest of your summer and your travels!
Christina said…
you look beautiful!

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