Cristina Hoyos in the Alhambra gardens in Granada

Every summer, Granada celebrates its poet Federico Garcia Lorca with a flamenco show in relation to his work.

I was so excited last monday to see the Cristina Hoyos flamenco ballet performing
Poema del Cante Jondo in the magnificent gardens of the Alhambra.

El Cante Jondo means the genuine art of gypsy singing which Lorca endeavored to revive.

I can't speak well of things which really move me and flamenco is one them.
As soon as one of the cantaores began his wailing,
I had this knot in my throat and I actually watched the whole show half crying !

It was a superb choreography and scenography accompanied by guitarists, percussionists and flamenco singers on stage and when Cristina Hoyos made her entrance, it was sheer excitement in the audience.
At sixty something, she still has her joie de vivre and her joy of dancing was so beautiful to watch.

Now, as for sorry but at each end of every row, assistants were placed to watch the audience. I tried to take one pic during the show and as soon as I lit my camera, the assistant was right next to me to stop me, so the only picture I could take was at the final salute (and of course i'ts blurred, Cristina is in red in the center)

and I found this one of Cristina Hoyos on Internet

and this other one too

I hope to write more about flamenco one of these days and my own experience of it but in the meantime I invite you to visit dear blogging friend Catherine of A Thousand Clapping Hands and read her beautiful post about classical Spanish dances, here


I know exactly what you mean, Lala. I wasn't there and I'm emotional just reading your post...because I know. It's beyond words. And Cristina - the best at any age. And what a setting. I laughed about the picture's a very protected world, and rightly so.
Thanks, Lala -
Catherine xx
Anulka said…
Oh,Cristina Hoyos, she is incredible. I love her dancing! I'm so interested in your own experience in flamenco as I've been practicing it for 6 years.And I'm still! In November, I'm going to see Eva Yerbabuena in Poland. Besos :-)
David Engel said…
I was just dreaming of visiting the Alhambra and attending this would've been perfect!

Joyful said…
That sounds like a stupendous show. One I would have enjoyed very much. It is so sad we can't take photos anymore of things we pay to see or even things that are more public (like interior of restaurants and store displays). But thank you for the one photo you did get. It reveals the excitement of the show!
colores said…
Debe de haber sido una auténtica experiencia! Qué envidia!!!
donna said…
2 years ago i saw a performance of De Tablao by Antonio El is the only performance of this type i have ever seen...amazingly beautiful....
aguja said…
What a radiantly wonderful experience ... and at the Alhambra ... a perfect setting ... and you can laugh, but I go to a flamenco class, just because...
It sounds like something fantastic and beautiful. Unfortunately the last time I saw a flamenco being performed was as a child and I don't think I appreciated it as much as I would now... Love from London x
Dream World said…
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So glad to have found your blog.Spain is my favorite country...almost moved to barcelona...i have spent every summer in Spain and my husband used to live in Ibiza.....I live to see Flamenco I would have loved to see the performance in the ALHAMBRA

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