Paris : our little nest in place Dauphine

Place Dauphine on Île de la Cité is a very charming square, not too busy with tourists and very much loved by Parisians. It has a very funny triangular shape and was built at the same time than the Pont Neuf and was the second royal square after Place des Vosges.
Frankly we couldn't have wished for a more romantic place to stay in Paris.
It is also a favorite place for artists like French cinema icons Yves Montand and Simone Signoret who used to live there

Place Dauphine sur l'Île de la Cité est une place pleine de charme, pas trop envahie par les touristes et adorée des Parisiens. Elle a une forme en triangle amusante, fut construite en même temps que le Pont Neuf et fut la deuxième place royale après la Place des Vosges.
Franchement, nous ne pouvions pas rêver endroit plus romantique pour notre séjour à Paris.
C'est un endroit aussi chouchouté par les artistes à l'image d'Yves Montand et Simone Signoret qui y ont habité
Our little nest, Hôtel Henri IV is just adorable. It is not a luxury boutique hotel and the rooms are simple but it has this bohemian feel and we felt immediately at home.

Notre petit nid douillet à l'hôtel Henri IV est tout simplement adorable. Ce n'est pas un hôtel de luxe et les chambres sont simples mais il y règne une ambiance bohème qui nous a tout de suite conquis.

We loved our view on the square

On a adoré la vue sur la place depuis notre fenêtre

In the morning, we had breakfast by this lovely window, smiling at the sun on our face

Le matin, nous prenons le petit déjeuner près de cette fenêtre très mignonne et nous sourions au soleil

Each morning I enjoyed taking pics of the square and the people passing by, going to work, having a walk...

Tous les jours, je prends plaisir à prendre des photos de la place et des gens qui passent, qui vont au travail, qui se promènent....

delivering furniture...

livrent des meubles....

school kids having a sketching class

des lycéens suivant un cours de dessin

the restaurants on the square getting ready for lunch

les restaurants sur la place s'affairant pour le repas de midi

Now looking at these pictures, I'm just thinking how much I missed Paris !
In my last post, I told you how happy I was to see Paris in good form, in spite of the strikes
(there was a general strike the day before we arrived and the day we left...typically French!)
By this, I mean that people were incredibly pleasant and with a will to talk...
yes...just talk about their life, their work....from taxi drivers to waiters, people seated next to us in cafés and restaurants
and believe me as a former Parisian it really struck me and pleased me !

Maintenant, en regardant ces photos, je me dis que Paris m'a vraiment beaucoup manqué !
Dans mon dernier post, je vous disais combien j'étais heureuse de voir Paris en pleine forme, malgré les grèves.
(avant notre arrivée et le jour du départ....typique quoi..)
Ce que je veux dire, c'est que les gens étaient incroyablement sympathiques et avec une envie de parler....oui parler, tout simplement, de leur boulot, de leur vie......
depuis les chauffeurs de taxi aux garçons de café, aux personnes assises à côté de nous dans les cafés et les restaurants...
et là dois dire que ce n'était pas le souvenir que j'avais gardé de Paris quand j'y habitais.
Ça m'a fait super plaisir !


In my next post, I will take you to some nice food places
Thank you so much for all your lovely comments
and have a great week end !

Dans mon prochain post, il sera question de miam-miam
Merci merci pour tous vos adorables commentaires
et passez un fabuleux week end !

ps : I write these posts about Paris in French to please some French friends who are tired to read me in English and think I sound more myself in French. But I've seen that some of my francophile blogging friends appreciate it too. Alors c'est bon !

Hôtel Henri IV
25, place Dauphine
75001 Paris
tél. 01 43 54 44 43

There is no wifi, no phone in the rooms but frankly I recommend it. The tariffs are very reasonable (from 59€ to 89€). They don't take reservations on Internet only by phone. Make sure to call well in advance.


Linda Sue said…
If someone said to me- You have won a prize- choose the city you would most want to spend a year and we will cover all expenses" it would have to be Paris- no I am waiting for that prize....So appreciate your telling in French!!!
Looks like you had an amazing scenery to see from your room with lots of things not far from the hotel.

The hotel rate seems quite reasonable ... Merci, for the hotel information.. I have added it to my considerations for our next trip there. If the hotel is simple but clean - i would much rather save my money for shopping and eating than for a room I am only in to sleep and have breakfast...

David Engel said…

Love your photos. The view of the square from your room was so nice. I want to have my breakfast in that room!!!! I'm so glad you had a nice time. As always I wish I could've met up with you there.


Tutta Rolf said…
What a lovely post!

Your photos remind so much me of the Merchant Ivory film "Quartet" with Isabelle Adjani -a film in which they have so beautifully re-created 1920s paris. Makes me want to go, if not back to 1927, at least to Paris!

Lala, your posting reads like a lovely illustrated novel. Your photos are beautiful and made me want to run back to Paris right now! Thank you for sharing your journey!
Madam Butterfly said…
Thank you so much for this wonderful post! Love learning about Paris! Actually I love learning about any far away places.
Caroline said…
What a wonderful tour guide you are Lala! I've never actually visited Paris - definitely somewhere I must visit soon!
Joyful said…
The hotel looks very charming and just the kind of place I would like to stay. Thanks for letting us know about it.
Spangle said…
The hotel looks gorgeous and I love the perspective you have used with the photos.
lynnie said…
OMG...we have just returned from paris ....we walked past..and oh we bought THE most amazing ..millefeule....yum....yum.YUM..from a little patisserie down a little side street...i am now recovering from a 14000 kilometre trip back to revoir
Scarlet Ily said…
Is it really that beautiful or are you just an excellent photographer and storyteller?? ;)

You always inspire me, Lala...always.
Diana said…
I have been so very content to be home these days, but this makes me itch to travel some more!
Sara said…
Thank you for the wonderful visit to Paris...I enjoyed it through your eyes. We too encountered some very kind, friendly Parisians in 2001, as well as many of those not so friendly staff you mentioned. But even despite the language barrier, the friendly ones made our visit glow and they are the ones I remember most after all these years.
colores said…
Such a cute and cosy hotel! Love it!!
I love the Place Dauphine! I ate a delicious steak and pomme frites at one of the restaurants across from your hotel when I was there and had some wine and cheese while sitting on a bench and watching the boulles players. The police came, though, and made them stop playing. I'm not sure why. This hotel looked so nice and I'm happy to hear that it was.
Catherine xx

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