My former dreamy room

This is the former room where I used to work, eat burgers with Monchéri on the long table, share a meal with friends and make my paper things.
It was rarely tidy as it is on that picture, mostly covered with what I call my gentle paper mess.
Now, in the new house, I have a proper workshop where I hanged the same chandeliers and put my same old handmade Japanese wallpaper but it doesn't have the same feeling and funnily I am nostalgic of my former work room.
Maybe it's because I like the idea to work a room which looks more like a living room than a workshop.
Hope I can show you soon how I will transform my new workshop !

Mon ancien bureau...avec la longue table où on s'asseyait pour manger des hamburgers avec Monchér, dîner avec des amis mais surtout qui me servait de table de travail.
Autant dire, qu'elle était toujours couverte de papiers, un petit foutoir sympathique qui me plaisait bien.
Maintenant, dans la nouvelle maison, j'ai un atelier, un vrai attitré, où jai mis les mêmes lustres, mon papier japonais toujours, mais c'est drôle, j'ai la nostalgie de cette pièce.
Je crois que dans le fond j'aime bien travailler dans une pièce qui a plutôt l'air d'un salon.
J'espère bientôt pouvoir vous montrer la transformation de mon nouvel atelier !

Talking about room and paper, I really wanted to show you this totally dreamy room, entirely made up with...lottery tickets.

À propos de pièce et de petits papiers, il faut absolument que voyiez cette pièce totalement inouïe, conçue avec..... des billets de loterie

It is the brilliant work of Brooklin based artists couple Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom, known as Ghost of a Dream. All items from walls to furniture and paintings are made of lottery tickets. Incredible isn't it ?

C'est le travail fabuleux d'un couple d'artistes basés à Brooklin, Lauren Was et Adam Eckstrom, connu sous le nom de Ghost of a Dream. Tous les éléments depuis les murs jusqu'aux meubles et objets sont conçus avec des billets de loterie. Incroyable non ?

pics : 1 & 2 - my former room - me
3 & 4 photographed from World of Interiors issue July 2010


Patricia said…
Didn't Picasso make art in every room of his chateau?
YOur former work area was delightful... but i know your creative mind will make your new area even more inspiring.. can't wait to see it!! xo HHL
vicki archer said…
Can't wait to see your new working space Lala....the old one was lovely, I can see why you loved it...xv
Linda Sue said…
Yes, I see what you mean about your former room, very light and comforting, lived in lovely. I am wondering where all of those lottery tickets were found! That is astonishing- and put to such wonderfully gorgeous use!
French class- the second one last night- more maths! Making me not like French so much until I come to your blog and can sort of read and make sense of it with the translation up top..Love it- language, such a puzzle. My French instructor is not French, she is Hungarian, I wonder what sort of accent we are learning?
Mélanie A. said…
ces créations en billets de loterie , sont fabuleuses, la promesse du bonheur lol
Joyful said…
I see why you miss your former work room and am looking forward to see how you will transform your new work space. It is totally amazing how the room in the magazine was decorated with lotto tickets. Simply amazing, and beautiful too!
studioJudith said…
loveLOVE your dreamy studio ... .
the Lottery Ticket room is
jaw dropping amazing.

Simply Mel said…
Dearest Lala ~

I can only imagine what your future 'spot' will become....your previous was so stunning with incredible light! Wow! I can understand why you miss it ~ an oasis of inspiration indeed!

Hope you are well! I've missed coming by here since we have been traveling so much, but I will catch up soon!

I love the second picture...especially the table runner "lucky..." hahaha :-D

As for the "lottery room", it looks fantastic, but would I need to win the lottery first to afford all those tickets...? Hmmmm...

Have a lovely end of week, Love from London x

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