My wall

I have a limited view when I sit in front of my computer.
Limited to a wall which I prefer to keep bare except for
a few images which keep me inspired for some reason

Quand je m'assois devant l'ordinateur ma vue est limitée.
Elle se limite à un mur que je préfère garder nu
à l'exception de quelques images qui m'inspirent

a card of a XIXth century litography of Sala de las Dos Hermanas in the Alhambra in Granada, which always inspires me to go back there
a detail of an anonymous portrait of Anne d'Autriche mainly for the lace collar
and two cards of the Opera Garnier in Paris

une carte d'une litographie du XIXème de la Sala de las Dos Hermanas à l'Alhambra de Grenade, qui me donne toujours envie de retourner à l'Alhambra
un détail d'un portrait anonyme d'Anne d'Autriche, juste pour la collerette en dentelle
et deux cartes de l'Opéra Garnier

the side wall is more colorful with three of my paper sandals

le mur latéral est plus coloré avec trois de mes sandales en papier

Wishing you a good inspiring colorful start of the week

En vous souhaitant un bon début de semaine, riche en couleur et inspiration

pics : me, this afternoon


Gina said…
Dear Lala, I LOVE your wall... not too much, not too sparse, just right, perfect for an artistic mind to dream up new ideas.
Linda Sue said…
Thank you Lala,
Inspiration is needed and you have done a great job of getting that done! LOVE!
Great inspiration pieces!! I especially like the paper would have me dreaming of warm summer evenings... xo HHL
Love your selection of inspiration lala. It works as we know. if you are doing any holiday gift wrapping I would be happy to feature it on this side of the ocean. Spread festive cheer everywhere. Much love XO
I'm always so delighted by the creativity, beauty, and deliciousness here in your little castle. Although I miss you when I don't have the time to read them individually, it is soooo much fun to read them all at once. Like opening a beautiful magazine. Thanks for making my day, Lala.
Catherine xo
Croatian_Latina said…
just the right inspiration! you made those paper sandals? wow!
Mara said…
I really like those sandals. And you have just reminded me that I have yet to go to the alambra! (unforgivable!)
aguja said…
What wonderful walls! So peaceful and serene.
Caroline said…
How beautiful - love those sandals!! I've been catching up on your latest posts - your photographs are so lovely! Your advent boxes are such a cute idea - good luck with your newly reopened Etsy shop too! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on the wedding - it was a wonderful day!x
Beautiful! Rich, colorful, yet not overdone row of images -- inspiring indeed. It is funny how historical portraits can show such fascinating, intricate, sumptuous finery -- worn by such grim people.
jeannette said…
The Alhambra -that's the only "cultural" thing we visited on our honeymoon in Spain. Impressive!

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