On the menu today.....

.....small piles of notebooks to ship to two shops in France tomorrow morning.
Placing the tassels on the spine is a bit time consuming but it's all the work I love.

Is it me or is Christmas suddenly coming very very fast ?

Anyway, please excuse my elliptic posts but I have to keep trucking.
My other news and the reason I'm busy is
that I have an upcoming exhibition on Dec 5th, here, at the Sandpit Club
combined with my darling friend Gym's book launch.
To my local readers : please save the date !

...des petites piles de carnets à expédier à deux boutiques en France demain matin.
Fixer les pompons sur la tranche exige une bonne dose de patience mais j'adore.

Je sais pas si c'est moi mais j'ai l'impression que Noël arrive vraiment très, trop vite.
Bon, en tout cas toutes mes excuses pour mes posts elliptiques mais je dois retourner au boulot. J'ai du pain sur la planche parce que j'ai une expo le 5 déc ici au Sandpit Club,
combinée avec le lancement du livre de ma chère amie Gym.
Si vous êtes dans les parages, venez !

pics : me


Gina said…
Dear Lala, Your notebooks look fabulous! Congratulations!
highheeledlife said…
Mon ami.. I'm so happy for you! Anyone who will be gifted one of your books will truly be receiving a precious treasure, made with care and love - attention to detail. I'm so happy to read your business is taking off... Please let us know more about Gym's book... xo HHL
Gorgeous Lala! You are a girl of many talents and these are adorable. XO
It is so nice and cold out today .The air is clear.Your otebooks are in good colors .Hope you have a bit of quiet time ahead
Diana said…
These are so lovely!
Yoli said…
I am absolutely in love with your little red and gray tassled books! Wishing you much love Lala, the season of hope it starting.
aguja said…
Your notebooks are lovely ... and now I have some! Thank you! They have arrived.
Kirsten Steen said…
Congrats on both the upcoming exhibition and the notebooks. Which Paris shops do you sell to? Love the way you translate the extra paragraph of your post in French. Happy Wed to you!
Lala, your notebooks are fabulous and the tassels add a certain elegance. You have a wonderful sense of style and I wish you well with your exhibition, mon amie!

Theresa Cheek said…
So good to see the world catching on to your talents. I love my journal.
raels said…
"I have to keep trucking." I love that comment, Lala. It shows that you are not only a European (apart from your birthplae) but a citizen of the world. And I love your blog. Saluti dall'Australia. Raels

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