The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plains

....which of course is not true....

while northern European countries are covered in snow,
our hilly Lecrin valley in the south of Granada shines with rain.
I went to a French girls lunch yesterday at my friend Josiane
and clouds were hanging low over the charming village of Restabal

....ce qui bien sûr n'est pas vrai du tout...

alors que la neige sévit dans toute l'Europe du nord,
notre vallée de Lecrin au sud de Grenade brille sous la pluie.
J'avais un déjeuner de filles hier chez mon amie Josiane
et les nuages étaient très bas au-dessus du beau village de Restabal

I love the narrow winding road which leads to the village
and this is my favorite curve just before the little bridge

J'aime beaucoup la petite route sinueuse qui mène au village
surtout le virage juste avant le petit pont

the road is lined with orange groves

la route est bordée d'orangers et de vergers
and there's always a house which seems abandoned or maybe just neglected
which catches my eye

et il y a toujours une maison qui semble abandonnée
ou peut-être seulement un peu négligée qui attire mon regard

Josiane had been busy making pomanders too...
well she's got quite a good stock of oranges in her patio and garden !

Josiane aussi a fait pas mal d'oranges piquées de clous de girofle....
elle a de quoi faire avec toutes ces oranges dans le patio et le jardin !

I always hesitate to use red at home but I really like the red paint she used in her pantry.
It does give warmth and light to the room.

J'hésite toujours à peindre en rouge chez moi mais j'aime vraiment la teinte
qu'elle a utilisée dans le garde-manger.
Ça donne un effet chaleureux et lumineux.

After a delicious curry, the surprise was a yummy vacherin Mont d'Or
(a 5 star French cheese) and when I say yummy,
I mean oh la la !

Après un curry délicieux, la surprise, c'était un vacherin Mont d'Or
coulant à souhait...bref, le top du top !

ps :
for my lovely Spanish Monchéri,
saying the cue above from My Fair Lady is a bit of a torture
in Spanish, its equivalent is
La lluvia en Sevilla es una maravilla
I can tell you, it took me quite a while to pronounce the double l correctly !

ps :
mon adorable chéri espagnol a beaucoup de mal
à prononcer la célèbre phrase de My Fair Lady.
En espagnol, l'équivalent c'est
La lluvia en Sevilla es una maravilla.
Et moi, j'ai mis beaucoup de temps à prononcer le double l correctement !

pics, me


Gina said…
Dear Lala, I love the red wall. And all those oranges, in trees, on tables, in orchards, everywhere...wish I could pluck a few. Thanks for sharing this lovely traveling post with us.
Joyful said…
It looks like a marvellous time was had :-) Thank goodness you are getting rain and not snow, though a little snow is nice at Christmas...not the kind that is making havoc all over for air travellers.
Caroline said…
These are beautiful images, Lala! I love red walls - I painted an English cottage dining room in a deep red - it was so cosy in Winter!
Spangle said…
What a lovely post! Your photos are fabulous as always.
What a lovely post with photos and the story... I feel like I have been on the trip with you... Love the red walls, and I really want some of that dreamy, creamy cheese!

aguja said…
¡Igualmmente! Hay lluvia aqui, tambien.

And the photos are just right for a rainy day.

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