Zigzag, Flashbacks of a Painter by Gym Halama

....Hugo rang from England:
"Do you want a job in Monte Carlo?"
"Of course I do." my imagination already running away with me.
"It's only three days work, but we'll pay your costs for the two day trip each way."
"What's it for?" I asked.
"The Star Wars party. George Lucas, the Director, is being given an award at the Cannes Film Festival, so he's throwing a huge party afterwards, with a Star Wars theme. Be there by Thursday night. Oh! and bring something glam for the party.".....

This is an excerpt from my friend Gym's book Zigzag, Flashbacks of a Painter.
She recently produced a 50 illustrated story book about episodes of her exciting life.

She takes the reader to a vibrant London in the 60s,
then on to exotic destinations like Russia where she worked at the Bolshoï as a set decorator or Tibet and Venice.

There's a very happy zest for life in those snapshots of an artist
and I so enjoyed every minute of it.

"It's a great read, atmospheric and witty" says actor and director Peter Capaldi
and I couldn't agree more.

And of course, I want to share it with you
and the good news is that you can now get the book on Amazon,
right here.

C'est un extrait du livre que mon amie Gym, peintre et décoratrice vient juste de publier, Zigzag, Flashbacks of a Painter.

En 50 récits illustrés, elle nous emmène dans le Londres trépidant des années 60,
puis vers des destinations exotiques comme la Russie où elle travaille comme décoratrice au Bolshoï
ou encore au Tibet ou à Venise.

Ce sont des tranches de vie pleines d'humour et de joie de vivre que j'ai adoré savourer.

"Un très bon livre, plein d'atmosphère et d'esprit"
selon l'acteur et metteur en scène Peter Capaldi
et c'est tout à fait ça.

Et naturellement, j'avais envie de partager ce livre avec vous
et la bonne nouvelle est qu'il est maintenant disponible sur Amazon,
ici, pour le moment en anglais seulement.
Il faudra attendre un peu pour une traduction en français.

pic : cover of the book Zigzag, Flashbacks of a Painter,

published by 5000 Books


Linda Sue said…
"Out of Stock" already! Just popped over to buy and PHOOSH all gone! Maybe after chritmas...
Wow is that for real .. Starwars .. My husband saw and has lots of photos when Starwars was in Monaco for the Formula 1 :-)
Gina said…
Dear Lala,
I was already getting very excited for you. I just knew that you were going to Monte Carlo and that you were packing your prettiest frock.
tinsel said…
I too thought it was for you.My American sisterinlaw is giving me a kindle.What do I need that for I thought.Well now I know!
bicocacolors said…
siempre es un placer venir aquí de visita!!!
Caroline said…
Ha - you almost had me there!! What fun!
aguja said…
Same here. Exciting post!
And the book cover is fantastic!
The US version is not available either except in Kindle version.

I thought about you last week in Paris when I went to Opera Garnier which is now open. I looked carefully for your cousin but did not see him. (hehe) That place is just amazing and I thought about you and your excursion onto the roof!


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