The first market of the year in the village of Saleres

Every first sunday of the month, there is a small market in the village of Saleres, nearby.
It was a glorious day yesterday and the perfect occasion to grab fresh vegetables from local producers.
Just in time to start the new year with a healthy stomach after a little excess of cava, the Spanish champagne and turron, my fatal addiction.
I fancied showing you these pics in sepia color because sometimes, in spite of the blue sky and the vibrant colors, this is how I see some of the villages in our valley : through a veil of nostalgia like in an old movie.

Tous les premiers dimanches du mois, il y a un petit marché dans le village de Saleres dans les environs.
Il faisait un temps magnifique hier et c'était l'occasion parfaite pour faire le plein de légumes frais et cultivés dans la région.
Histoire de commencer la nouvelle année avec un estomac sain après les petits excès de cava, le champagne espagnol et de turron.
J'avais envie de vous montrer ces photos en couleur sépia parce que, même sous un grand ciel bleu, c'est un peu ma vision de certains villages d'ici, comme dans les vieux films, à travers un voile de nostalgie.

Alejandra, a young dynamic Italian lady opened a bar on the plaza, giving a new life to the village which was very quiet.
Young and old people mix. Locals and foreigners. Recently, the mayor of the village decided to set up a monthly market where local producers could sell vegetables, olive oil, honey and cheese.

Alejandra, une jeune Italienne dynamique a ouvert un bar sur la place, donnant un nouveau souffle au village qui était devenu trop calme.
Tout le monde se mélange : jeunes et vieux, les gens du pays et les étrangers. Depuis peu, le maire du village a décidé d'organiser un marché tous les mois où les producteurs locaux peuvent vendre leurs légumes, de l'huile d'olive, du miel et du fromage.

And musicians are always welcome too.

Et les musiciens aussi sont toujours les bienvenus.

In my pursuit of elegant men, I spotted this man from the village, wearing a checkered shirt and a parsley scarf and I quite liked it. He gladly consented to be photographed for the good cause. The other detail I noticed was the hem of his trousers which were obviously too long for him. So he boldly wore his trousers with the hem turned outside to make it shorter. Quite bold !

Toujours à la recherche d'hommes élégants, j'ai repéré ce monsieur, un habitant du village qui portait une chemise à carreaux et un foulard noué, motif cachemire. J'ai trouvé la combinaison assez chouette. Il a accepté d'être photographié avec grand plaisir, pour la bonne cause évidemment. L'autre détail que j'ai remarqué, c'est le bas de son pantalon qui était visiblement trop long pour lui et qu'il s'était contenté de retrousser à l'envers. Et hop pas besoin d'ourlet...Faut le faire quand même !

It was just a simple, sunny, blissful first sunday of the year

C'était juste un premier dimanche de l'année simple, ensoleillé et gai

Wishing you a delightful start of the year

En vous souhaitant un début d'année délicieux

pics : me


Patricia said…
Have a wonderfully rich and creative year! Thank you for sending us such lovely stories and images!
Gina said…
Dear Lala, Your elegant gentleman is indeed elegant. He is wearing an ASCOT.
Wish we had a fresh produce market nearby. Will have to wait for a few more months.
Looking forward to seeing your beautiful photography this coming year.
Sara said…
Your sepia scenes are nostalgic in tone. I also like the snazzy hat that elegant gentleman is wearing.

Thank you for sharing this first Sunday of the year with us from your wonderful perspective. May 2011 be full of such days for you and for all of us.
Agus said…
Preciosas fotos!!!!
En color sepia las hace más románticas....
Buen año!!!
Neve said…
it looks so pretty. I wish i could travel there someday.
Your photos and stories make for a fabulous start of the new year! The sepia tone is perfect for the first photos and the color looks like the whole paint box was opened in Saleres!

Best wishes for a creative and productive year filled with love, of course...

aguja said…
..... and Los Reyes to follow! All is set up in readiness, here.
Yes. Let's hope for a creative year ... open our minds to inspiration.
Happy New Year Lala! Your photos are beautiful - you should frame them and hang them!
Yoli said…
Beautiful images sweet Lala! Love all of the happy people together. I read that in Spain now you cannot smoke indoors, I wonder how that is going impact business.
Susana said…
Happy New Year Lala!!! Your photos are more and more beautiful every day. I love the way you capture details of every day life.
Linda Sue said…
Thank you so much for the day in sunshine with you and your camera- Most refreshing! Beautiful as only Lala can make it- I think that you might even be able to make the slums look romantic!
Kellie Collis said…
What a lovely place! Sometimes it is a delight to hang out in place like this. Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx
Theresa Cheek said…
When I think of Europe, it is often in sepia tones, These capture the wonderful simplicity of daily life. Hoping you have a great new year.
Mélanie A. said…
J'adore tes photos en sépia . Il y a une très belle luminosité
Anonymous said…
Love the way you capture life and light in Spain....

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